Grip training secrets to improve LIBIDO – and performance in the bedroom beyond BELIEF!
- And I'll be flat out honest here.

And I’ll be flat out honest to start with.

You can take all the herbs, supplements, T pills/injections or what not – but if you dont “got it” naturally, and dont implement natural techniques to boost TESTOSTERONE (this email is for men mostly) – then aint nothing gonna happen.

You can sit, meditate, go to Babas in India (believe it or not, and I ain’t lying – some wacko females in India actually buy into the “Holy Baba” shit i.e. sleep with them, and you get pregnant – from your husband? WTF?? But it’s a real thing in India – ugh) … pop Viagara or pills all you like but that little – or giant – depending upon tool aint gonna work right until you do the following FIRST –


Get rid of fat around the CORE . Pang ren qiu dian. Dont be surprised if your man meat looks bigger just by doing this “fat man have small penis”, as they say in China.

Do a lot of intense CARDIO – not “slow running” but quick bursts.

Get yourself into the sort of … ah, but we’ll stop there.

The above is a BARE minimum. If you dont do that, and be honest about it, aint none of the tricks I’m going to mention below – pun – will work – pun, hehe.

Onward – GRIP work is something that increases T and libido beyond belief, especially thick bar work – thick bar pull-ups – thick gripped dumbbells, kettlebells, and yes, Indian CLUBS – no pun – as well

Trust me, while it’s scientifically proven that grip has a direct correlation to the BRAIN, it’s also a fact that grip and leg work increase T levels MASSIVELY in men, and Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness shows you how to do this without a single squat (though you can and should add in squats to make it more intense).

More – eat LESS – not more.

Yes, you heard more.

Most people stuff way too much down their gullet since the so called idiot Gurus (twitter keeps calling me out for using that word – wtf? lol) (Musk is doing a fine job though) claim “you’ll get weak” and so forth.


If you’ve just been released from a POW camp, it’s different maybe, but even then – you work up to the amount of food you put in your system.

But otherwise,for most folks, eating less, and the right things is really what does the trick, not more or fancy diets or other crap being marketed as the be all and end all of weight loss.

That, my friend is that.

Try these things, get back to me – and write back to me about it.

Not your boner, hehe. I’ll let Bozo Schofield from the UK handle and slob on all the boners he wants to, but DO write back about how this tip helped you overall – thank you!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Just heard back from Daniel Pagone, he did a nigh superlative job on the audiobook for Gorilla Grip – TIPS! which you should pick up NOW.