The biceps of the legs, and more…
- Leg biceps. Hehe.

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Hi {name}

This afternoon, I dealt with a few idiots (with their hearts in the right place tho, so all forgiven and forgotten). While working out, before, after, during.

Which was a long workout but the point I’m talking about here is legs – biceps, and while walking around, I felt a “fullness” at the back of the legs that you only normally feel when you work a muscle to the bone – it’s the SWOLLEN feeling you get from say bicep curls (mostly an useless exercise) … along with being stretched out to the max.

You’ve seen people do hamstring curls in the gym

And when you do stretching right, and walk around feeling the BLOOD pumping in your hamstrings an hour later – you know you’ve done it right.

I cannot, again, re-emphasize, or emphasize in the first place the importance of working the back of the body first, foremost, and always.

If you want a huge chest, work the shoulders and back heavily.

Want a six pack and better grip, start with LEGS.

And so forth.

And back doesn’t just mean traps and lats, or lats and traps as most think, although my handstand pushup workout today made those “swole” too. Hehe.

Back means HAMSTRINGS and butt too …

Legs do NOT just mean thighs.

Thighs are the biggest muscle group, nigh important, but the hamstrings and butt together are BIGGER.

And most people ignore those two vital areas…

Dont be that guy – or gal.

And thats that.

And you know you’ve done it right when … wait a minute, we already went there did we not?

Well, when you’ve ordered Isometric and Flexibility Training – and Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training, manifold benefits as mentioned on the sales pages for both, one more being “pump without a single weight”. Hehe.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – In compilation format too. Grab this once in a lifetime gem now. There is truly nothing that comes even remotely close to the hidden tips and techniques in this book my friend, nothing, nothing at all.

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