The ENERGIZED feeling you should get after EATING…
- People ignore this.

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How you FEEL about something is the key to accomplishment – at anything – weight loss included, friend.

And the point here isn’t so much about visualization, or goals, but the MEANS most people use to get there, dieting being part of what most folks use for WEIGHT LOSS.

Some go insane about diets, some are fastidous about calorie counting, some follow Atkins, some follow fructarian diets, yada, nada, schnada.

Then there’s yours truly and the likes of Herschel Walker who dont bother with this nonsense.

We just go on FASTS regularly – complete fasts where we workout EVEN harder than before!

Look, friend, bottom line is this – most people dont really enjoy what they eat unless it’s something fancy and most “eat to either eat, or survive”.

Most human beings today (at least in the West, some parts of India and China and the Far East too) could do much better with LESS Food – not more!

Part of how I gauge if I even need to eat and what is how I Feel after it.

If I feel either so energized I’m ready to jump out of my skin – or “SNORE” (crash instantly) – then I probably need to eat (whatever I just ate).

In the vast majority of cases in the past though I’d feel “in between”.

Lazy, something was missing.

Like I didn’t train hard enough.

Like T levels which were 10000X – dipped to less than 1/100000 X.

And so forth.

This, my friend, got me to experiment with fasting in a manner most people would not dream of, most fitnes experts included.

I’ve gone on 7 day fasts with nothing but water and green tea.

And I’ve been working out – high rep workouts as usual, and the feeling I get afterwards, NO T “drop” – – energy levels and such – nigh indescribable.

I’ll write more on this later.

Upcoming book on how to fast RIGHT too for those interested.

For now, remember you dont HAVE to fast to get stellar results, but if you want to take your gains to the next level altogether, then fasts may be just what the “fat doc” (ugh!) ordered.


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fasting without exercising is utterly pointless, and you’re doing yourself more harm in that case than gorging non stop and not working out right or at all.

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