Wait, watch, stalk, plan, LIVE IN THE MOMENT!
- That last one might seem contradictory. But ...

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That last one might seem out of wack with the above,  but it really isn’t my friend.

This is how I’ve lived my entire life, will continue to – in every aspect.

This morning I was watching my daughter play with a stray cat and her kittens which for whatever inexplicable reason chose to give birth somewhere in an open garden, yet went completely unnoticed during the process.

A rather muscular female cat too I must say – a perfect specimen!

Reminds me of my buddy’s (Vincent’s) cats the kittens do – especially “Hunter” who once leaped from a 17th floor apartment, and emerged utterly unscathed from the experience (which my buddy despite being in the Marines – he was like “oh no!”) …

Cats are amazing creatures – so are dogs (which are still my favorite) in their own way.

If I had to keep a pet, it would probably be a dog, if I had to choose.

But it’s a close call – much like the call between whose more brutally honest – Trump or me. Hehe.

“It’s not a foregone conclusion”, I still remember Vincent saying!

In the elevator, on the way back from beers… Some things never change, neither should they – hehe.

Anyway – my buddy is a gentle giant.

I’ve never once felt any menace from him.

Plenty of others have though.

And this is another cat like trait.

The other day, this same cat was in hunting-stealth mode, and the way she was staring a hole through my daughter by way of her green eyes scared her.

I of course recognized it for what it was, hunting mode. That mouse in our house has disappeared since the kittens came- hehe.

And I told my daughter not to be scared.

This cat stares at me all the time – and I back at it – in the famous Rahul Mookerjee patented squat pose – or the tigerbend.

I could stay in either pose for hours.

Cats, my friend, live in the moment.

You’d be hard pressed to find another animal that is so seemingly “at rest” – yet can sense you (if you do it wrong, most do) sneaking up on you (the right way is do it like another cat would).

And another animal that is so linked to the spiritual … just one look into a cat’s eyes tells you this.

Cats wait, watch, hunt for DAYS before they find prey – often.

Whey they do – its BAM!

Its like they always knew it too. Yet, they live in the moment too – you’ll always see a cat doing “something” – even if it’s a rest, you sense it’s doing – thinking – something …

The cat like way – the ANIMAL like way – is a great way to live – fitness wise too.

Monkeys in the wild dont generally eat on a set schedule, or do “10 pull-ups per set”.

Yet, that one monkey – baby monkey even – could probably rip arms off – human arms that is – if it so chose, without a second thought.

A cat doesn’t do huge numbers of squats daily, or even stretching.

It does SOMETHING daily though – on a repeated basis. Without thinking about it.

Yet, that cat can leap, my friend – oh yes it can LEAP – small buildings in some cases for big cats.

And so on and so forth.

In a cage match, them animals can last too.

The secret, my friend, to this amazing cat like – or animal like combo of strength and flexibility is revealed in some of the movements they do – in my great book Animal Kingdom Workouts.

And it’s also revealed in this email here – if you can spot several of the secrets I’ve almost given away for free (hell, I’ve given MOST of them away for free in this email).

My pull-ups these days – I do around 50-60 daily.

Yet, I dont do them in one sitting (hanging – hehe).

I do them in sets of either 5 or 10 when I pass by the chinning bar.

Sometimes I’ll just “dead” hang.

Sometimes I’ll do ONE slow pull-up.

They all count.

Not saying high reps are bad.

Not saying doing ’em all at once is a skill you should not work up to.

But, I’m just saying, be in the moment, live in the moment, plan for the future, expect nothin but good – and eat LESS- not MORE.

And that in a nutshell is animal like living, my friend.

Ya can’t beat it!

No puns.

And I’m out.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Lots of you dont believe the eat less part for animals. An idiot once got back to me with stats of tigers wolfing down – no pun – 30 plus kilos of meat in a single setting.

Well, yes, but it’s also gone hungry for a week, walked miles and miles through tough terrain, swam, stalked, probably taken care of it’s young, and is preparing for another long break between meals, which isn’t ever mentioned …


Look at how miserable a CAGED tiger, or jaguar, or even lion looks in the zoo when its fed regularly.

Look at how fat some of these animals get in captivity.

And that tells you all…

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