Unconscious REACTIONS, 500 reps and more …
- Lots to talk about

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This afternoon, as a certain idiot came at me claiming “there’s nothing to fight against” (in terms of me) – yelling her lungs out – she was ready to “take me”.

I did not expect her to advance into my personal space, and unconsciously, without even knowing it, I circled slightly, and got into fighting stance, one foot behind the other, any fighter will know what I mean.

Reviewing it in my mind later, it surprised even me, but not really …

A lot of Nazi feminist women think “the guy wont hit back”.

As Chuck once correctly told me, women know they wont get slapped on the head, and if they do, theyll whine to the cops – even if they’re the ones that instigate the physical violence.

Along with the other Nazi feminist BS my so called wife learns from her Boob Tube videos, attacking men is one of them.

Most in her circle defer to her, and wouldn’t fight back if she killed them .

With me, it’s different. Obviously.

My own reaction surprised me – true, I practice it daily.

Away from cameras, youtube, I call it my “survivalistic” training – and it helps that I’m not a phat phock and/or dont have “He man bulging muscles” – most people – especially idiots like my wife who claim “this woman is fit, not fat (when she’s HUGE) because she pumped out four kids – how many did you?” – associate fat and “portly” with “strong” – big mistake, but after an hour of splits, who could be bothered to correct ’em …

A switch went off in my mind, and I got in my wrestling stance.

You can look at all the youtube in the world, but unless you’ve done the thing, been punched, can TAKE a punch first, been thrown FIRST, well, you wont understand what I am saying, and wont be able to – WITHOUT THINKING about it – project the fighting vibe.

The other person gets it subconsciously too.

She backed down instantly. She’s not that crazed – yet.

Not that I would have hurt her. I’d simply have gone to what is level one for me, and ended it there – quietly.

Of course, with this idiot “there’s nothing there to hit” she claims pointing at my 12 pack, and then backs down.

You think she would have backed down if I was truly “nothing there to hit”?


Shikhar Dhawan, swashbuckling Indian batter batting and hitting sixes, and I remember the TV commentators, a certain Ravi Shastri talking about his midsection.

“There’s nothing there”, he quipped when talking about how fit today’s Indian cricketers are as compared to those of yore.

Nothing there?

I remember my buddy from the Marines saying “he’d be wasting his time hitting there”.

Nothing there?

Try me, hun.


Truth is, my fitness levels piss her off despite me doing not one single thing the gurus advocate… (including this BS of “three square meals”).

Anyway – this got me thinking about PRACTICE.

Lots of folks bitch about high reps.

“Why is 500 a magic number”, the pansies whine.

Wanna know the truth?

It’s not.

You could, and you’d have a point – ask why “600 isn’t the magic number” – or 6000.

You could also ask why human beings dont live on Mars – yet.

And so forth.

There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask my friend, yet, nothing replaces DOING.

And given exercise is physical, and we’re all human – with a human body at the end of the day – well, the fact is this – certain numbers, rep combos etc have been passed down for generations.

For pull-ups, 100 is a good number to hit daily – properly. Proper form. Thats more than what most people can even conceptualize, of course, but it aint that hard.

Pushups, 500.

Point is this, when you do that many reps daily, you’re not just getting fit. Your training your mind.

Discipline, day in and day out, and when it comes time to PERFORM, time for the big show – why do you think athletes put in so much hard work and reps behind the scenes, hours and hours of practice – then you simply “unconsciously” do.

500 pushups daily will get you into great shape my friend.

Swinging  an Indian club 400-500 times will too.

Thing is, when your life’s on the line, and it often is (not the BS i mentioned above, but REAL life) – then you better be ready to FIGHT.

Part of it is knowing how to fight.

The bigger part is CONDITIONING, and preparing for the fact that your adversary might well be a trained fighter too …

Ultimately in life, exercise, anything – the LONG term counts, the person that LASTS longest – no pun – is the person that WINS.

Either physically or mentally. Or both. You can be skilled as heck, but if those skills aren’t backed up by lasting power, the dude or gal that can outlast you will win – simple.

It’s just that simple, friend.

And 500 reps builds mental power, focus, and unconscious reactions like NOTHING else will – its a tried, tested and true number – down the ages – for many exercises.

And so it should be.

Pushups, squats and pull-ups are ALL you need to kick start your fitness program, my friend.

Get started now – TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Guys, never hit a woman. Or anyone. It’s that simple.

HOWEVER, if you’re being attacked, then by all means defend, and do what you have to do to protect yourself – and importantly, win by setting an example for the other person.

NEVER back down “just because it’s a female attacking you”.

NEVER buy into that BS. No matter what the consequences.

Never listen to idiots like my father and mother who claim “no matter what she does its OK, she’s a woman after all”.


Your life is AS valuable as anyone else’s my friend. NEVER let anyone attack you without it going unpunished, and make sure to WIN.

And you’ll be better off for it, I promise.

And remember the INDIRECT, long term way – NOT the direct “talking” method – or physical confrontations – work with Nazi feminists in a way nothing else can.

My world class, world famous, RESULTS producing book on it bears testament to that.

OK, off for 400 more reps!


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