The nasty details of it all…

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One of the things I ain’t never done – well, not fully by my “lonesome” at least?

Pluck a chicken carcass. Defeather it, debone it, and all that – I’ve done it with folks, yes – not alone.

Its however a survival skill everyone should have, along with knowing how to grow your own vegetables.

I ain’t an expert at the latter, but I get by …

Think about it, you grow your own damn food, eat healthy, live wild, isnt that ultimately what its all about?

Anyway – we rarely think about where all the meat we eat comes from, and no, before you start jumping – those that will – I ain’t sponsored by PETA or some nonsense.

I’m just saying, the first time my wife, who had never eaten meat (well, other than dates when she met me) in her life, let alone cooked it learned how to do it – before that she SAW it.

That was in India, 2008.

Butcher shop with blood spattered all over it, guts on the floor (nasty I know, but them places are like that till this date there) … China’s a lot better again – and India doesnt have Walmart etc, so …

Guy reaches in the crowded coop, grabs a damn bird by the neck or someplace, and cuts its throat, dumps it cooly in a blue “vat” or sorts, while the bird thrashes about in its last throes.

Their version of “halal” I suppose.

Which I dont quite advocate, I’m more for killing something so quickly it doesn’t feel it…

But anyway, I remember him telling us “you dont need to see this”.

So we didnt.

But the gory reality was all around the wife, to her credit, she did cook the meat later that night.

Most of that meat you eat at Wawl-mart, or Sams, or wherever – most commerically available meat, yes, even the KFC wings your kids so love are killed equally “cruelly”.

Yet, folks jump up and down about whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands done far more humanely …

Interesting, eh.

My point isn’t advocating animal farms or whale slaughter.

My point is this – twofold, actually.

One – being self sufficient in every way is whats its all about – if possible.

And two, the gory, gritty details are what count.

If you’re stuck in the wild, you kill to eat ultimately, its that simple. could be a wild hog or a snake, whatever it is, you have to do it ultimately.

It might not ever happen, I hear some saying.


But if it does, well …

I’d rather be prepared for all eventualities, practice how to do it before doing it. Learning on the fly is great – if and when you’re not in a dire emergency.

Skills every real man should have, including knowing the basics of how to take apart and handle a gun …

Anyway – thats that from here. how does this relate FITNESS wise?

Well, those gory, gritty detail matter.

And as certain Panourgias noticed, as so many people – in the videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I give you little details – the GORY details – that no-one else does, mostly because they dont know ’em.

Those videos are called the ICING on the cake for a reason. Yup, the cake matters, but the icing is what really makes it extra special, no?

As John Walker said about ’em, why would you go out for a hamburger when ya got STEAK sitting at home.


Thats what differentiates me from the rest – one more thing.

That one tip was about how to recover quicker than ever before when you’re out of breath, and no, it isnt just deep inhales and exhales, it aint inhaling through the nose and thus forth, its something I learned on the hill myself in blazing heat, and its amazingly simple, it flat out works. Another is the “secret food” which a narrator once asked me about … that …

Ah, but that second one is not in the System, its one of my other books.

Gory details matter.

They’re ultimately what get the JOB done.

The devil is in the details, and you’ll see why once you get the System.

It will truly change your life forever, that I WILL tell ya now. The rest, well, up to YOU.


Rahul mookerjee

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