What do you, the office goer – or everyday Joe or Jane – really NEED in terms of their fitness?
- Hint - it aint the JIm.

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Can you answer that question definitively?

Most people fall prey to marketing and shiny new machines, the girls, yakking the Bull and what not, and would answer “an hour daily at the gym”

If you aint spending an hour daily at the Jim, you aint getting fit.

Lets face it, most quit after paying the fees, fancy memberships lying unused… (strike a CHORD that??)

Or, if you ask most people?

“we need more Cardio to lose weight!”

Or, this – “To FEEL better!”

And a variety of answers, the #1 excuse people give for not doin the thing – “lack of time”.

Which is bullshit, of course. Folks spend all day long gazing at their damn phones, yet dont have time for quick workouts?

This, my friend, is a myth I have been busting ever since I put out 0 Excuses Fitness.

Workouts that get you super fit within 15 minutes or less, you’ll want to go longer of course, chances are when you begin and even way after that, about 5-7 minutes will wipe you out completely (if you’re the average person).

Seasoned fitness fanatics have reported taking my pull-up challenges and falling flat on their backs while getting that GLOW from inside you do after a superlative workout.

These, and other thoughts struck me this morning as I kept doing my workouts – first, a 100 squats in pitch darkness in the man cave, then stretching, then, well, something I had not done in a while – a long time, I wasn’t even sure I could rep ’em out beyond 5!

Last I did Hindu pushups was a couple of months back.

And so today, repping out 20 – that was amazing.

Easy peasy it felt, and then I took a great little video of me doing this exercise with Indian clubs – a great workout that Indian wrestlers do all the time till this day, and it’ll get you in great shape.

This little workout shouldn’t take you more than 6-8 minutes tops fresh.

It took me more because of all the camera adjustng and stuff, you’ll see…

But dayummmmmmmmmmmmm

It got me thinking, what YOU really need is this – workouts that you can use ANYWHERE – requiring NO equipment (club was what I used, but you can just as easily just do a 100 pushups and 100 squats) … and MOST importantly, get you DONE with your workout in <10 minutes, less than 8 if you’re going at a good clip.

Squeeze that in into your lunch break, you still got time for quick stretching and lunch.

Squeeze that in between writing emails, or books.

Or, simply during the course of the day.

It’s easy to stay fit provided you have the will and know how, my friend.

Its easy to stay super fit as I do!

I can provide the knowhow – I do so right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System (rightly hailed as the best damn fitness system out there).

But you, and only you can provide the WILL.

And thats that. Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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