How I went from “bla!” to buzzing on a dozen different cylinders this morning …

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Lots of people feel great one day, lousy the next.

And I’m not talking “mood swings” necessarily or split personality, Dr Jekyll and Bozo Schofield, or what not.

If you’re really giving a project your all, chances are you’ll experience a bit of a “down” after it’s done.

Job well done!

And you’ll want to rest much like a tiger after days of not eating, then a huge meal …

And, you’ll be mentally “spent”.

Physically, same thing – easier to understand for most people, eh?

Yet, what do you do – and how to make those “bla!” mornings the best ever – with the day with you BUZZING away as usual?

Well, doing the thing yes.

But, you stretch.

And you stretch your HAMSTRINGS, my friend.

I cannot tell you how most people store stress and negativity in their hamstrings, they dont even know it.

Let me tell you, the JCVD split you see in Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training is one of the best exercises for you to get good at, spend hours in, period, even if you do very little else, your strength and conditioning levels will improve by leps and bounds. There is a reason marital artists all do this dynamic stretch before practice!

Note I used the word practice…

There’s others too in that book – and some “too simple” ones in Corrugated Core.

But really, any time Im looking for inspiration, stuck, need things to move, anytime I’m exhausted and feeling BLA! – I do the splits.

And voila, after a while, I feel like a bazillion bucks.

NOTHING, I repeat, nothing makes me feel like the splits do.

Stretching the hamstrings, and back of the body, calves, legs etc is what it’s all about, my friend.

Do so right, you open your life up in ways you never ever dreamt possible.

You’ll want to get on these stretches NOW, and thats that I’m off for the splits myself!


Rahul Mookerjee

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