Nothing beats DOING the thing.
- No, not just reading about it ...

Way too many people read about things, and they think that replaces DOING. Or, they watch a video – say about life in other countries, and they claim “thats their trip abroad” (when deep down inside they want to themselves experience the “marketing” shown in many of these videos).

A couple of smart folks – a couple, I should say – asked me about why my videos are SO barebones, brutally so almost.

There’s barebones, THEN there’s my videos. Hehe. NO frills, even though with my new “equipment” – no pun – I could add in visuals, fancy openings, all the crap you see in fitness and other videos for more clicks etc.

I refuse to do so.

I show who I am – the way I train – which is brutally honest barebones, and SIMPLE which works best as I’ve always said.

And no, bazillions of views doesnt mean bazillions of sales necessarily – those that get it will get it – truly.

In fact, I’m seriously leaning towards STOPPING a lot of the videoing I’m doing – much like before 2021…

We’ll see, but anyway – fitness wise, same damn thing .

People read about doing pushups.

Or Pull-ups.

“Thats nothing”, the gym goer will scoff. Look at my weights!

Yes, maybe it’s “nothing”.

but can you do it, proper form?

That one question stumps most.

And that one question is all you need to ask i.e. if you can do it – show me.

I dont know if y’all read this email – I hope you did!

Fast forward to today my daughter is literally asking me “how to cross the road” – something I’ve drilled into her for the past three years, but she never listened.

Yesterday was all it took. Hehe. A whack up the ass is sometimes exactly whats needed.

And God gave her that – haha.

And if there’s something which after today makes me want to say it even more – its me secure in the knowledge she is finally doing all she can to remain safe.

Thank you, God!

And I told her how to do it safely, not to be overcautious etc “precautions” is what I told her, ultimately after that it’s up to Providence, what you can do is the best you can do, smartly, sanely, sensibly.

And that my friend is that.

Nothing beats getting down and banging out a 100 pushups.

Or, doing 100 squats first thing in the morning.

Or, climbing a hill every morning without fail.

It’s never the same, its never boring.

You learn if you’re smart EVERY time you do something, no matter how many times you’ve done it before, the great Bruce Lee would be the first to tell you, and he’d be joined by many other illumanaries as well.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System imbibes this spirit of DOING in you – which to me is one of the most important (amongst the many most important other characteristics) character traits it builds, ultimately nothing moves – constipation included (dont laugh, a lot of you are “Stoppped up” – hehe) if you dont.

And thats that …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No, simply reading this email wont catapult you into an unseen vault of KNOWLEGE that few have been priveleged to see thus far.

Knowledge that will change your life, your current circumstances, everything beyond belief, hell, just the 10 Commandments in the System are worth the price I ask for it, which by the way unlike everything else has NOT gone up for a couple of years, but it will very soon. Last was in 2021, so it’s way overdue.

Simply reading and nodding the head wont rock the fitness boat, neither will watching countless “influencer” videos and “wishing” I could be like them.

Taking ACTION will though. I dont agree with my father on many things, but he did once say “you’ll look more like them if you run 15 minutes a day” when I was young …

Action, my friend. Nothing beats practical experience.

Take the right action for YOU NOW.