Heavy duty training and the “same food everyday”.
- YES!

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I look forward to dinner daily, even if my ex and a host of other folks often remark “you eat the same thing daily for years!”

“There’s no way we could do that!” (we means the daughter and her, which the daughter part, I get, kids, but her..)

As I see another fitness enthusiast on Twitter post about exactly the same – it struck me about how many of us do the same thing.

The same damn thing, the same workouts, eating the same (almost) food daily (though I cheated a bit today admittedly with cookies and a jelly sort of sweet the daughter bought but just a little – ugh to that last one. hehe). . . and never, as my ex says “getting bored” – or as friends said.

“I’m hungry, I wonder what to eat!”

A thought that passes through the majority of folks heads mostly, for us fitness folks?

I Dont know how many identify.

But even the foodies amongst us will gladly probably say they could eat the same thing for years and not get bored.

For years, in China I ate two boxed meals a day.

Some amount of meat in the first, eggs in the second – and rice and veggies.

For a month and more – I’ve been eating roasted vegetables with clarified butter, and … well, the occasional chicken meal, the occasional sphagetti, the very occasional indulgence, but for the most part “the same thing” – to the point the electricity bill has shot up with all the roasting going on. Hehe.

Then in China in 2019, it was part fast food, part small hen every night …

(not the healthiest in terms of the first, but after a bunch of damn beer – hehe).

Not saying I’m a teetotaler. Hey. I’ve never been one, dont have any plans on being one, but this getting bored with the same meal, getting bored with the same workout routines – thats what seperates doers from the HERD.

The herd gets bored, and their results shows.

Doers follow and persist in whatever they do for years.

And like Brooks Kubik once said in Dinosaur Diet, “a switch goes off when we’re not hungry any more” – whereas the average person keeps eating till they “feel” stuffed which is already too late.

Like Sly in Over the Top, “a switch goes off, I feel like … like a truck!” (unstoppable, this was an arm wrassling themed movie).

And we look FORWARD to every meal – big time. Like Brooks once said about my “BPR” beer pizza diet back when I met him “he sits down to a hearty meal at the end of the day” (after the hill climbs, bodyweight stuff etc) – “and he should! hes earned it!”

Thats a great question to ask, have you EARNED your meal?

Ain’t got squat to do with money either, no pun.

Bottom line isn’t so much about food itself as it is discipline, routine, and persistence.

Even without many other qualities required for success in any field, if you follow the above three principles, you’ll ultimately succeed in ANY endavor you undertake.

Fitness includes, and of course life



Rahul Mookerjee

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