The secret to ABS of steel – that are every bit as strong as they LOOK – and LOOK every bit as CORRUGATED and “sheet metal” too.
- And that X shape.

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It’s much coveted, my friend, and a recent look around at most celebs and their shape, going back to what it was in the 90’s, the last “real” era – is what people want, yet, like their innermost desires, most wont acknowledge it, hell, most run away from it.

Most even lie to the mirror. Haha.

“Im not fat, Im big”.

Deep down inside the vast majority of folks out there know they’re sheep.

They also know they can change their situations, they’re happy thought living in their little shells, coocons, as Claude Bristol once said, “content to go where life takes them”, as Thoreaue once rightly said, most men lead lives of quiet desperation (Which a client later told me “you’re a guy that has truly figured out how to live life on your OWN TERMS!”).

Anyway – whats this got to do with corrugated cores and abs of steel?

Everything, my friend.

We all know the X shape is what everyone wants – the ability to do pull-ups SLOWLY – proper form, chin clearing the bar, really feeling it with each rep, we all want abs so solid that “elbows bounce off them” … and such.

I could link it, prove it, show it, show you where I Said it before, show you where scores of others have and do directly / indirectly but there’s no real point to that – and more pertinently, no need.

We all KNOW.

Deep down inside, you KNOW it. You (if you’re part of the herd) just wont acknowlege it – like many wont acknowledge that gyms, especially modern day ones, are completely unncessary in terms of requirements to get fit. (not only that. they’re a waste of money – utter – they’re the easy way out – and so forth).

Gyms make it easy to make excuses. People used to be way fitter before all the modern day crap showed up …

Anyway – the real secret to corrugated cores – lets get to it – is everything I teach you yes.

High rep movements, hill training, the right eating without focusing on X number of calories and other crap, and so forth.

BODYWEIGHT exercise.



All of this is key.

Without all of this, you wont get anywhere.

But to really get the abs popping, that VEINS look – on your arms, biceps, like I do these days without even flexing, you cannot simply do it via exercise and the right exercise alone.

Sure, thats 99 percent of it.

But the remaining 1 percent is really what counts in terms of taking it to the next level like I am, ripped without trying to be, lean, mean, full of energy, bounding everyplace I go while everyone walks around with hang dog expressions … (guy who delivers my veggies for one – damn! Looks like wifey has him truly by the balls, which she does – haha) …

That LOOK, my friend.

And while I’ve always had it, it wasn’t until very recently, NOW in fact that my entire look has become corrugated as heck.

Like Chuck (no, not you Charles – hehe) in the James Hadley Chase book, he was confident in his brute strength and mass before he saw Poke Tohole the Indian emerge from the river, muscles ripping under the skin, slim, muscular …

“He seemed to have muscles upon muscles rippling under the skin”

Steel and whalebone.

And that sums myself up – looking at me, you wouldn’t necessarily say “muscle upon muscle”, because most are conditioned to think “big and bulging” in that regard “Arnie”.

But that look Im referring to, which is present in my shirtless videos without even trying – it has it.

You know it, I know it. (and looking at my own back muscles in the mirror, I often wondered “jeez, what if I knew – and DID – what I am NOW. MY!”) (and I dont believe in primping and posing anyway unlike a lot of idiots out there).

And you want it. Haha.

Anyway – it’s been surprising even me as of late, after the mirror, it’s like my “ex” wife said years ago, “you’re starting to get so many cuts!” (and back then I was FAT).

Women, truly. Hehe. Take what they say and do with a pinch of salt – always. Never any fuckin logic, and the sooner you as a man realize that – most never will – the better.

And the secret to all this is something you wouldn’t guess, my friend, and no, it isn’t just extended fasts or eating vegetables or fruits or “just meat” either.

It’s not just mental either though thats part of it.

IF you want the REAL secrets, you’ll have to WAIT for two books – one, a book on fasts I’m going to put out, and two, Volume Two of The simple and Effective Diet (which right now is GRATIS for you along with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and for readers on this email list, for a limited period, with a purchase of Corrugated Core (contact me in that case, as it wont auto do it for you)).

As you can tell, I’m whittling things down to those REALLY into it. And further, if you truly want the secrets now, then you’ll have to sign up for my coaching – or, put down  a pre sales deposit on the two “yet to come” books which I dont even have a sales page up for as yet, and have no idea when that will happen (maybe soon, I dont know).

Before you ask, which many will despite knowing me, no, it wont come easy or “cheap”, nothng worth having ever is. (and if you truly want it, you’ll a) find a way to get it – and b) more importantly, you’re not going to think “price” – you’re going to think – GET THIS NOW! – I WANT THIS NOW! – which is really what seperates doers from the wannabes, herd etc). Simple fact.

Before you ask, no, this secret aint got nothing to do with putting less into your system, though thats a small part of it. YOu truly DO get to Eat More and Weigh Less on this system, and that book covers the exercise part, but the STORY in the book really tells you a lot about, though does NOT hit at the core of – what Im REALLY talking about in terms of rapid weight loss.

Only for those truly into it.

Nope, I wont tell you here for free, no matter how much you ask, you either pony up (and show me you WANT it – truly) or, well, just sit and wish you had it …

I’m fine either way!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – SLEEK LIKE A CAT, yet them muscles RIPPLE, that VIBE PERMEATES, that SWAG(ger) which comes from being CORRUGATED

Need I say more? Hehe.

I know.

I’m such a tease.

But, my friend, thats exactly what you WANT… (and for a lot of you need too).

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