Fast and Furious Fitness – in Spanish soon!
- I never say it first, but ...

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I dont normally say it until it happens, but that one night on an extended fast, when I was thinking about and getting MORE sales than I thought about, this one message came in from one of my translators about translating Fast and Furious Fitness into Spanish!

I gave him plenty of time to do it, I KNEW it would happen – despite lack of communication etc on it thus far (its been almost a month now) – I KNOW he’s working on it.

Damn hard!

Here’s what I just got from him (straight after splits) –

Hi Rahul, the translation is going quite well. All the exercises are very well explained, so I’m not having problems so far. I’m working on different projects right now, but it’ll be finished this month for sure. Regards, Miriam.

Thank you, M!

He’s spot on about the explanations.

REviews for the book say it all as well.

And remember, that SIGNED collector’ edition awaits – we still have two or so copies lying around – that first batch of gloss covers in that size will never ever be printed again, so get ’em NOW if you’re interested.

Yes, those will all come autographed, albeit with rather lengthy scrawls in my what most deem unreadable handwriting. Ex told me for years to make my writing look pretty, now cursive is a skill, I practice it, but end of the day, DOING, not how it looks, is what counts.

And, like a lot of guys who’ve gotten my penned notes with that book know – it’s all so worth it.

Do it now, friend.

I’m back to the splits.


Rahau l Mookerjee

PS – Well explained exercises, hmm, if you’re a Tom Tom / Bozo that claims I should hire Sly Stallone’s make up artist to do my pics, well, food for thought…

PS #2  – I broke one of my cardinal rules about never saying it till it happens.

Yet, this one, I know it will. Some things are MEANT to happen. ITs that simple.

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