Those times when I didnt have a BUCK to my name…
- And there were many!

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A penny saved is a penny earned!

So said ole Percie, he was right. I still remember him standing there in the Dollar Store arguing with the black cashier over “I need my change Ma’am” – and she was grinning when handing him the $0.05 or dime or whatever she “owed” him – while the ex was “cringing” in embarassment. Hehe.

Ole Percie, I love the dude.

And he was right, really … its his money. LOL.

Anyway …

Brings me back mentally, that thought does, to a time – and there have been many my friend – where I had nary a buck to my name.

Quite literally, I didnt have a buck to spend – sometimes for months !

Literally, yes.

Less than $1 in my account(s).

This, mind you, was when I was doing business – still making plans – going through with them “somehow” “somehow the money I really needed always came in, albeit sometimes delayed and not in a format I wanted” – and such … and I remember thinking.

“Man, you’re really staring down the goddamned barrel” (this when I had no money to pay rent, nary a buck to spend for a month – was living on extreme credit – and such) …

And then this thought hit me, as it did today.

“And I’m enjoying every goddamned minute of it”.

THAT is when I knew the difference between a doer and the herd – although I knew it before that, I did not “know it”.

Hell, I had no money to pay my IMMEDIATE bills – to buy a bottle of water, or a beer even, and there I was, pacing around, making plans in my mind like I had a bazillion bucks!

Did I get the money?

You be the judge…

You gotta be all in, you gotta have NO backup plans – you have to either win or fail, or, as Napoleon Hill wrote about a famous general burning his vastly outnumbered troops ships when they landed on enemy shores – you either WIN – or PERISH.

Its that simple, and they won.

In wars, in life, often times, and always, and I’ve said it before – PERSISTENCE wins the game.

Like water wears stone down, stubborn persistence, bloody minded cussedness, and super solid GUMPTION wears down even the most stubborn of obstacles “with time” – or sometimes not as late as you’d think!

It’s the most unsexy thing to tell people to do, so the self help gurus and shamians out there never do.


Persist regardless.

The World Wars, and the Battle of Stalingrad and the Siege of Leningrad are two examples which we as a society today have a lot to learn from in terms of the attributes mentioned above (please dont get into politics here)

Look, thats how life works – for DOERS – for those wanting the REAL spoils in life, which for me has always been to live a great life on my own terms, FREEDOM as it were.

I saw this movie last night – which one? Ah yes, “The Rogue Agent” about a conman who poses as a MI5 operative for years scamming people – and does a damn fine job at it, so much so they even release him from jail when his appeals are succesfully heard…

… Guy’s a charmer, perfect salesman, knows the MENTAL part of it all down to a T, READS people well naturally – man, I was reminded of … Ah, we wont get there – but the part I will mention here?

While scamming a woman he was close to, who ultimately managed to get him put behind bars for a while, he was talking to her parents about starting a biz, and her Dad hemmed and hawed, because she was a successful lawyer.

“Dad, I’m not giving up my job”, she chimed in.

But Daddy wasn’t happy – Daddy didnt like the charmer from the get go.

“You’re an entrepreneur yourself”, scammer went, with that charming smile of his – “surely you wont mind us doing it?”

Daddy never answered. But he did ask “why” or something like that, and the guy replied with what is TRUE – “it isn’t about money. it’s about FULFILMENT – and FREEDOM”.

That promise of freedom was how he lured his victims. Granted, we’re not advocating scamming here, but thats what people WANT, my friend, and guess what – you can GET it – if you’re willing to persist, and do what is required for the long term in that regard.

Most aren’t.

Most talk a big game, but then go back to the security of their jobs whining about money and such.

If thats you, fair enough – if not, well, you get the picture.


If you the reader reading this has “nary” a buck in your pocket, and bills stacked galore, and PLANS you’re making for your life, business, and enjoying every goddamned minute of it – well, remember what Napoleon Hill said.

There is always money out there for the man with a solid plan.

Those words hold as true today as it did back when he said ’em.

Just be open …

… and follow the rest of my teachings, and it will COME.

For more, Gumption Galore – more tips for those TRULY looking to improve their lives at a very advanced level, and get what most people never will i.e. FREEDOM, the POWER to live life WELL – I repeat WELL – on your OWN – I repeat, OWN terms.

All of this applies to fitness too, my friend.

I couldn’t even climb that damn hill when Ann Lee got me on it. Hell, I couldn’t climb four flights of stairs at that point!

And now, well, I’m the phenom I am in that, and many other regards, grip and stretching being key, but there are so many more.

And I enjoyed every goddamned minute of not being able to do it (I still remember the giggles the girls emitted as they looked at the fat foreign devil wheezing his way up, breathing like a fish out of water – hehe – while Ann literally “glided” up effortlessly, or so it seemed), and trying, trying, trying till it became second nature, right down to the whack – or kick actually – up the booty that Ann Lee once adminstered. Hehe.

And that, my friend, is the spirit.

Just do it. Zero excuses mofo!


Rahul Mookerjee

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