What my ex’s experiences back in the day can teach YOU about … well, how NOT to do charity.
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Lots of people so called give, then wonder why they get “shit” back in return.

Without exception, if this is happening long term for you – chances are excellent and second to none – and none was never ever in town – that you didnt give right, and for the right reasons.

True giving, or charity, or whatever you term it is done selflessly.

When I gave away a perfectly functional laptop and camcorder a couple of years ago, sure, I could have sold it for a measly few bucks, but I didnt want to.

It was part of me that damn Toshiba laptop, everything I use and create on long term is, and the best thing or “final resting” place for a trusty loyal servant (10 years, almost!) – was the school I gave it away to eventually. Ditto for the camcorder for those who remember what that is! Haha.

with cassettes, my daughter was asking what are cassettes… I dont blame her. Haha again.

I didnt do this out of any ulterior motives – when I did it, I took a walk in the garden later, breathed in the fresh spring air, thought of goals – and felt great, that was it, several days later a biz deal I had done forgotten about – voila!

It sprung to life without me doing a shred of anything for it.

I’ve told this story before, of course.

About how it’s not so much what or how much or how you give – its how you do it, the thoughts that go behind the action, like with words, its not what you say so much as HOW YOU say it – vibe rules all.

I wrote about not having a buck back in the day, eh.

Well, during those times, my so called then wife would hand me stuff she’d toss in the trash – and use what she deemed “her own money” to buy fresh food for herself, and happily eat it in front of me – when I hadn’t eaten for days on end sometimes – literally (and no, I was not fasting out of choice back then!) …

..True story – though I dont agree with my friend Ricky on everything, I do agree with what he says about my so called family – parents and then wife being “completely heartless”.

Women are that way in general despite what people might think you to believe, anyway this isn’t a rant on Nazi feminists and how to deal with ’em, which I have very succesfully all my life, but what I’m saying is this.

My wife would tell me smugly later “I’m giving it to you just in case”.

I once asked her this “but you’d toss it in the trash because you claim it’s expired”.

Basically packed food etc that my own mother gave her, apparently for the then wife anything one second past expiry date is not fit for human consumption.

Apparently it’s fine for the trash collector though – the guy who picks up the garbage in India basically – or yours truly at that time. Hehe.

She wouldn’t give that shit to even the stray cats that turn on her at a minute’s notice, then she wonders why that happens, while the dogs dont (though she never feeds any – go figure).

My point isn’t to bring up Gumption Galore again or for you to feel sorry for “those lean times” – hell, I enjoyed every damn minute of them, damn good learning experience those travails were – my point is this, one, it’s so fuckin stupid.

YOu claim youre helping someone, giving, but you’re giving them crap that you feel will lead to ill health anyway, yet, she claims “it’s your choice to take it or not”, which I took, then quietly tossed – but the point is this, what sort of fuckin charity is that?

Now I’m not saying you give away brand new stuff, or your entire paycheck, no.

But everything I give – like the mobile phone I recently gave away to guess who – the same trash collection dude, hehe – is FUNCTIONAL and can HELP the person who I give it to – indeed, the minute I gave it to him, he said two things, one “Sir, please dont ask for money for this” (and I told dude, dude, here I am giving shit away and you’re saying money!! – which I dont blame him, in that part of the world no-one does much charity anyway) – and two “its funny, but my son has friends in the mobile repair biz!”

All that damn phone I took so many videos with last year needed was a new battery, it would have sold online for like 40% of its retail value and …

… again, that shit’s a part of me.

So I gave.

And I felt so damn good when a few days later guy made his first mobile payment with the phone I gave him!

Thats giving, my friend.

And when you give like that, there is nothing else that can happen but receive x 100 or more.

THAT is the difference I keep talking about, I hope it’s clear now.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For those wondering, chips, cookies, tinned tuna etc or maybe even “tea bags” – none of that really goes bad past expiry date until it’s years. Its unhealthy crap anyway you shouldn’t be putting in your system, and well … a few days past expiry date wont make it any less healthy or more. Point being the wife’s thinking … Hehe.

And, her results, or lack thereof overall.

The ex wife, I shoudl say. Case and point?

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