Dharti pe boj
- I pity the planet. Hehe.

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Dharti pe boj

As they say in india, a weight upon the face of the planet. I first learned this from the ex, and it’s used in a satirical psuedo derogatory manner.

And, as I stand here on the blazing heat of the Indian – or subcontinental Summer, more accurately back home 10 mins later but typing on the bloody phone … Man!

It’s one thing to be obese.

This lady took it to another level. Made up to a fucking T, immaculate gown, clothes, and extra plus size clothes, and tummy extending out to the next city with an arse about as big as a fish pond – my!

What I noticed was the arrogance, the highness – or haughtiness …

… It’s one thing to be woefully out of shape and acknowledge it, and work towards a fit you. I applaud and respect this. I will do all I can to help such people.

But, man, this was one of those Bratty entitled sorts (looking at me slyly when she thought I wasn’t looking – sunglasses – hehe) and if you even mentioned it, shed want to slap you or worse, and If you’re Buttler Bozo Schofield, shed do it too. Of course he’d love it. Hehe.

That attitude is what i rail against the most.

I’ve written before about how females can and do often do pull-ups better than ego inflated men with huge stomachs that think they’re big but not fat and try and convince themselves otherwise.

Yet, the other end of the spectrum where you can’t point out their flaws because “they’re women, it’s rude and other BS”.

I stull remember Charles the former friend mocking that in a WeChat group.

He was right, say it like it is no matter what anyone thinks, male, female or otherwise.

And that’s that, back soon.

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Audiobooks, you say? In addition to human narrations already going strong, strong, STRONG, we will very soon have auto narrated books too. More on this soon, but 0 Excuses Fitness already has a version of this, doesn’t sound half bad the AI.

Don’t knock it before you try it…

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