Fancy talk and such.
- Your Majesty Speakth! Hehe.

Boy, the daughter was in a foul mood today!

Indeed to do something quick and drastic she said, seething up a storm .

What happened – well turned out her practice mate at something was calling her a “noob”for various reasons when she’s not, and herself an expert (when she’s not)..

Typical kiddie stuff,but lots of lessons to be learnt.

“Tell her you’re happy being a noob. Any true expert at anything – myself included – is always on noob learning mode even when they’re advanced, if they’re not, they’re not true experts”.

She harrumphed, kicking a stone …

“She won’t believe that fancy talk!”

And then back to something quick and drastic.

In the past I’d tell her to give it back.

But now, this case?

Just laugh at her, I told her.

You don’t understand!

“Theres two types of people in the world…” I began. She kept asking me for ideas for something quick and drastic but I said I was answering her questions which I was.

And I went on to explain that most people are sheep – followers.

The few that aren’t are leaders. Such as you and I , I said – if you do it right.

I went on to explain how people state at me, point at me, troll me – and in the past I’d get irritated.


I welcome it, i laughed. It build me,my brand.

I went on to then explain how logically talking or getting annoyed at buffoons doesn’t work by pointing openly at two folks who continued staring at us as we walked past from a distance.
And i laughed at them openly.

How can you do that and them not get annoyed, she asked.

Because they’re idiots, sheep, they know they shouldn’t be doing what they are.

They want a reaction out of you, I said.

Give them one that benefits you.
And then I went on to explain how if she wasn’t a leader – they would not be poking fun at her.

I finished off with a question.

Which do you want to be – wolf, or sheep, I said, while bleating like one.

And one look at her fact told me she got it. No longer angry,no longer in “drastic and quick” mode.

You get it now, I said, grinning.

Teaching my daughter to be a winner in life and not just ignore but laugh openly at bleating morons and give it back physically like i mentioned and she did on the Kiddie fitness page. Nothing like it! Hehe.

These are lessons equally applicable to adults. Life, biz, everything, I teach you how to profit from idiots and wannabes in Profit Troll.


I gave her the example of Donald Trump, or maybe me I said.

Look at the thousands of people saying horrible things, mean things , stupid things, idiotic things.

I can’t fight with them all.

And neither would I want to, i explained. These people want what you have.

You’re different,a leader like I am.

They can’t be like you because they’ll never have the right mindset and are too damn lazy.

And therefore… they vent their frustration and obtain “relief” by getting reactions out of doers.

Theres a reason I’m the topic of conversation in the entire family despite being the obvious skeleton in the closet, and she giggled,truly getting it.

And that, my friends is that, I believe…

PS – Don’t believe me? I’ll show you an actual screen capture from communication on the other business….

No, this isn’t about ego. It’s the truth. Like I just wrote about, the chosen few lead, the rest bleat and follow, and the smart ones like Paula, an affiliate whose done such stellar work for me and continues to that I can’t stop praising her to the high heavens, it’s all less – like customers here who do the thing – are those that will or have led or want to, and are willing to do what it takes to get there. Simple.

And that says it all.

The rest, my friends,you decide.

And your Majesty has Spoken.

He will not just speak, but COMMAND now.

And you Will LISTEN. Period.

You don’t have a choice. You never did, and you know it. Hehe.


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