Strength imbalances and such.

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For a long , long time, back in the day, I was stuck at 50 squats in one set – and couldn’t progress no matter what.

I could do 10 sets of 50. No problem. But one more, just wasn’t happening.

You might think this is mostly mental?

Blocks were part of it yes, even after years of trekking hills in hot humid weather for over 4 hours daily,I removed those blocks, but till very recently, I could never figure out why I was STILL so weak at the splits – while so strong in other areas like pull-ups and such. And hill sprints etc, and no, this was after putting in the work equally in all areas.

The back bridge was always easy peasy for me, front,not so much.

Weak hamstrings naturally like I’ve written about repeatedly – yes.

While I didn’t quite open them up brutally as shown in Kickboxer, hehe – I put in hours, improved, yet, something was missing.

The answer came to me while stretching out one day and it was fucking obvious, had been staring me in the face all along.

What was it, well, youll have to wait till I get back home from….


Well, at the bus stop now, practicing my kicks, stretching, and that’s when the REAL answer came to me.

When stretching. Done right – stretching doesn’t just open up your mind and body like never before, make you feel like a billion bucks – and all the other benefits I mention on the sales page for Isometric and Flexibility Training, and Advanced, profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training. It connects you to the spiritual and open doors of knowledge with golden keys that are only accessible to those that have DONE the thing.

No, like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, simply giving you or telling you about the key won’t get her done. In fact, it will rob you like the great Hill said- of much of the benefit you would get if you found it and experienced it YOURSELF.

But the reason was -strength imbalances.

While brushing my teeth, mind you,in the quick hurried manner I always do that the ex tells me to brush for much longer! Hehe -sound familiar – I noticed i kep standing on my right leg.

Instead of both equally. And with what I learned about my left side with splits – it hit me.

Despite all the training, exercises I was doing superlatively well, in the top 0.01 percent of folks like I’ve been told and rightly so, I was unconsciously not focusing on weak parts of my body and overcompensating with others – in one case, my right quad being naturally strong than the other which was more flexible.

Left hamstring less flexible than right.

Left hand stronger and longer normally, and this here monkey worked on the right till it’s now stronger – and amazingly enough i did not apply this same principle elsewhere!

We all have these weak and strong areas my friend – and extended periods of stretching and posing hard difficult questions to yourself will give you the answers eventually or maybe sooner if you’re the type that acknowledges reality.

Written on the dumbphone again so this has even more tai pos than my normal stuff, but the point stands.

If you’re even in the slightest bit interested in improving your health and fitness you don’t just need, you OWE it to yourself to get the two splendidly purses linked above and preferably more.

If you’re the sort of lunatic that is fat but lives by “I’m big but not fat” and parades around like an idiot with puffed up muscles – a look around the gym will show you these fools, don’t bother getting them.

And that’s that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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