That PASSION, your TRUE calling ..
- What is it? Only YOU can tell me!



That deep desire i write about sobon the other site, things you really want – crave – daily.


Some of those are things that for most people they won’t even acknowledge or dismiss as impossible from the word go, so it stays impossible.


Fitness wise, the X shape. People, usually fat and lazy excuse makers that rail against the very thing they really want are ultimately shooting themselves in the foot with their stupidity and they know it too, that’s the funny part …


There are many other examples fitness wise, life wise, but this isn’t about any of that.


Way back in college, Dr Kolibal who once returned a shoddily done mid term (Calculus one, where in those classes I’d show up after drinking beer, ace the exams while the rest would sit and scratch their heads – so much so the Prof went on record saying “you need to be in Princeton, you don’t need these Mickey Mouse classes!” And he was right, I didn’t ) to me saying “you can do better Rahul!” … Great guy, one of our conversations went as such (this was the same guy who once downgraded an A to. B for me when I reported the mid term being graded incorrectly. Too darn honest for my own good, hehe) “Rahul, when I sit here, look at you, I don’t see someone that would be content to get a job, a house in the suburbs, marry and settle down”.


How true.


At 19, I did not understand the true significance of those words, at 42 maybe I still don’t fully.


Lots of life left to live, therefore lots of learning left to do!


Jeff Bezos once made the comment “You can have a job, a career or a calling. And if you can figure out the last, you’ve hit the jackpot. Because that’s the big deal”.


No, selling books wasn’t Bezos calling. …


That one thing you do in extreme adversity, that one thing you keep coming back to, that one core talent you’ve got your biggest doubters can’t doubt you on.


For me, lots think it’s fitness, or the other things I talk about in the erotica biz.


I’m damned good at those, better than 99.999% of folks out there at them which is a fact, but my true calling isn’t and cannot be quantified by what you see in front of you, same thing for Bezos, Steve Jobs, anyone that’s ever accomplished anything of note.


Back in the day they used to laugh at Bezos for saying he’d have a 100 billion dollars.


First thing you know there was no such thing as 100 billion dollars 25 years ago.


“This guy thinks he’s going to be that rich because he’s got a garage in the internet”.


While the scoffers scoffed, Bezos applauded himself, kept persisting and the results, well ..


Back to me, if you’re familiar with the true meaning of the word “wordsmith” that will explain PART of it but even that ain’t the real calling.


True doers will understand, in the meantime, I’ll end with a few questions for you – well, basically what I’ve said above


What is YOUR true calling?


You know it.


Acknowledge it.


And then just do it.


No matter what the cost or consequence.


HBK Shawn Michaels and many others have said it’s a sin, or close to, to waste a talent God (Universe) gave you.


So true, my friend. So true. You were given that for a reason. Way too many folks don’t get it.


And that’s that. Back soon.



Rahul Mookerjee. Damn, Your Majesty is getting good at typing on dumbphones! Haha

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