How I recently kicked ass and took names on Amazon
- YES.

I did a video on this the other day. Ordered a product off Amazon, was total shit – guy even had a card saying “submit a positive review” and get a few bucks for doing it .

This is against Amazons rules, unfortunatelay, lots of people do it, even more submit fake review for a few bucks.


To me that’s always been a red flag, outright requesting paid reviews.

Anyway, product was crap, tripod broken, no instructions as promised, I contacted the guy who instantly called me. Ugh! Another huge red flag, people do that, they can’t argue with you logically so they pester you on the phone.

Business is best done on the phone.

I left a crap review.

Was very warranted.

Then the guy who initially just left my queries with a rude “contact Amazon” and nothing else saw it two days later.

And he shat bricks literally.

Apparently he got zero orders from the day that review went live which I don’t quite buy but given his product it might well be true.

And man, I had to block his whining on WhatsApp, phone etc. Like five different numbers.

The only answer I gave him?

“Contact Amazon”.

Hehe. That video I did on giving it the F back details it all, but like Emerson said so eloquently and like Rahul Mookerjee paraphrases like noone else can while keeping the meaning of the words intact, karna comes back to you at some point with compound interest, if dude had helped out, well, I’d have sorta overlooked the shit product and just wouldn’t have reviewed, period.

Anyway, his repeated calling, I raised Cain at Amazon.

They whooped him too most likely.

And then I started getting messages with him literally crying on WhatsApp with another number about how I ruined his business (well, your fault dude ,that happens to anyone who pisses me off like that) , how he was a broke, starving coljege student, the usual bullshit.

An angel then appeared.

And i relented a bit to his requests of sending me a replacement product free of cost which I’ve already bought off Amazon, but nice to have another .. and i taught him a few hone truths which he humbly listened to.

I think he’s really young, college like he says.

If his actions back his words up which he’s learnt a lesson the hard way as it should be and knows not to piss off customers again especially one like me who will go to all ends of the planet in all ways to ruin you and come after you if you do me wrong in any way…

..lesson well learnt, I’d say!

Yes, I’ve got screenshots of his groveling but I’ll hold off on those for now ..

Moral is this too – I’m always on teaching mode while being on learning mode.

See if you’re able to figure that out!

And apply for coaching here as so many others have already, either here, or in real life.

From the one and only bodyweight exercise Guru …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – i taught him the tip of the iceberg. If he only knew what a gem my negative review could be .. hehe. Most are too chicken though, they see only negative, he ain’t no different.

Hell, I embrace all my positive and negative reviews with the same gusto.

So it should be! ????