My long afternoon workout, and other updates.

Every misfortune, every calamity every unfortunate situation carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greate benefit – if you know how and where and are open enough to look for it and recognise it.

Idiots will say those are mere words.

For a writer to not be without his laptop for like 2 weeks?? Unfathomable!

Admittedly it makes some things tougher, like putting together new books. But, given I’m not, period,. investing in a new one until I find the right one unlike this piece of crap Asus, the wait might well extend.

Positives, so many. Done so much more great video. Done improved my taiping on the dumbphone too. Hehe. Google voice recognition does pretty well sometime too….

All in all, life couldn’t be better hence I felt the need to add on to that famous Napoleon Hill saying.

As I get further back into my martial arts roots, this afternoon I went out – blazing hot, sunny, not quite as bad as breathing fire in China climbing hills in that weather, but I wasn’t half as fit back then at 23 as I am now.

And I captured most of everything i did on video.

Motivational talk on how to face your fears CORRECTLY, not the airy fairy BS thrown around there that don’t work.

Lots of pull-ups. How I often begin Workouts – hint, and lots of you will jive with this, it’s not always about going 100 % from the word go. In the flow!

Lots of stretching.

Only thing I didn’t film was my kicking session since my battery was at 8 percent. Phone died on me, and I’m sitting here now with my blazing fast turbo charge on…

5g has been a boon. Literally. I don’t even need wifi now, except at home, truth be told 5g as I said on IG so far outpaces traditional wifi that it ain’t even funny.

All on my YouTube channel. I just HAD to get out this afternoon, the negativity with the ex is too much to bear at home.

So I did.

And what a productive session!

And that’s that.

Watch the videos, pick up some products.

Life’s good – great!

Make sure to say that at least once a day , preferably more.

It’s true!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and Edit, darn I knew I done forgot something.

Dr B, my DB prof in college, true blue (non-political blue) good ole boy that lots called racist, but he wasn’t – he was smart – I loved his classes, always kept it interesting. Man led a storied life I’ll tell ya that!

Almost 70, good oke Dr b is probably still traveling the world. I don’t know, haven’t touched base since I got banned on LinkedIn!

But anyway, his grader Ricky once (yes, same friend) once our of spite gave me a D on a test where he just did that out of spite. Rickys childish like that, takes his spite out on people like that – i still remember a couple of girls crying after he screwed them on their term papers…


Off I went to Dr B’s office, he took one look at my answer to the questions and laughed knowingly.

You have a different way of doing things, but it works!

And it does. Haha. Like my handstand pushups i teach differently, like the immensely popular video on falling into the splits, holding the top position of a pull-ups which I wish I could have really shot more. I’ll be prepared with a full battery next time. Hehe. This was in the flow,. I thought I was just going on a long walk but turned out otherwise!

And he upped the grade.

Lots of black girls later told me “you need to be more circumspect” and not tell everyone how you got your wrong righted.


Even Dr B plainly told me, if you deserve it, you get it.

My type of man.

Along with Dr Kolibal, lots of respect!

Ricky when confronted years later claimed “but the way you did it was different from in the answer sheet”.

And if he had done much at all in college other than copy his way through it he would know ..

Anyway, that’s that! Back soon.

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