Damn, I’m in the zone ..
- The fuckin ZONE!!

And I am,! (And I just realised I have not updated the other site in ages – my bad – tech issues for some part …)

Extended fasts, another unplanned one will do that to you, and thesevfasts, and working out while on them is nothing new for me. However, what’s new this time is this – I’ve been training advanced (which is fine anyway) but more importantly, really stressing my body – such as the hot weather workouts Ive been doing.

I can’t remember creating these many videos in a long time, and that number is set to increase.

Truly, extended fasting is something everyone should try if just for automatically being in the zone, feeling more and more like an ANIMAL – BEAST – and the overall health benefits I’ve spoken about.

I’ll have a book out on this topic soon, for now,.place the pre-order here –


And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Man, the FOCUS!