Thin or FAT? Or “fit and smart”?

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This is being typed out while making green tea. I asked a fat idiot – one of the whiners in life – this question. I’ll soon have to deal with another one ,ugh.

This idiot was told something..ah,I’ll be back.


He was told he’d be paid for a service he rendered every Monday. That’s how i do certain things, that’s how accounting works, now for Bozos, they want everything “now” and he’s been pestering me for get this – bloody $15 on the phone for like 2 days now – despite it not even being Monday as of yet.

Not only that, this clown showed up at home and started ringing other doorbells demanding to know where I was. I was busy writing, wasn’t going to be disturbed with BS. But ugh!

Of course he’s the whiny sort whose only line is “you’re a big guy, help out the little guy” though he’s hardly as little as he makes himself out to be.

These whiny sorts – man, that’s why I routinely block people from my lives. Once they get attached, it’s worse than with my fucking “hangdog expression woe betide me”ex!

I’d expect that from nazi feminists – but these men, but wait, these cuckolded sorts are the ones enabling it. Can’t run their own damn lives, their finances, and come whining to me about it. Ugh .


What he asked the neighbour was “this sorta slim guy, where does he live”.

He probably whined up a storm there too, not like I give a rats backside.

But I asked him.

Am I slim or fit? Or strong? Or all, or none?

Give to me straight, i demanded.

The way he looked at me said it all.

“sir, smart, fit, so slim,.i wish I could be like you, handsome and trim”

Which is a comment I’ve heard even when I was fat on the handsome part.

Which I don’t Tom Tom because that was as I said in a video prior to this, given to me by God.

My superior levels of fitness that leave most so called men in the DUST – now that I worked my butt off, continue to daily.

And I’ll continue to Tom Tom it.

You can do it too.

Begin Getting into movie star like shape NOW. Start TODAY.

Yes, we all know you want to. Admit it.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – an old customer and I were rapping about the Amazon imbroglio, and Bozo Schofield and more. Like with Amazon itself that mess is so complicated I did something i don’t do except when on video ie voice note. But long story short, paperbacks still going out as usual, just through a different printer. In case you were wondering…


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