The exercise that has always prompted me to “go one more round”.

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One more round, my friend.

Everyone knows what I’m referring to mentally here – but you really have to have been there and done that several times in order to understand it fully.

When all hope is, or seems lost, when the battle is long a lost one – you’re the last man standing so to speak,from stories some have told me privately in my coaching classes these days “they feel like ending it all” – remember this .

First, we always have a choice. Whether or not you can, or are WILLING to go that extra round which seems impossible even thinking about it is ultimately up to YOU.

And second, while mental is always the most important, the physical has always been key for me. So it should be for you.

It was not so long ago, at least in my mind – that my accounts all showed zero or negative balance. I would go for days without eating, when I did, it would be something that would leave me feeling even hungrier. On the rare occasions I did actually get something good or halfway ok to eat, my system would complain for days about the food, since I was do unused to it!

I was on the road, had no computer – not by choice – this for a writer.

True, I was surviving.

But how only I knew!

Always remember this though. No matter how hard it gets, someone out there probably has it tougher. Chances are those that have it the worst never complain at all…

… Which has always been the case for me. I remember it feeling so falling when people would look at me and say “but you’re rich!” when I had less than nothing – literally.

If I whined,moaned, the world would probably have rushed to help.

I didn’t want it.

No matter what, you never say die. And while your private moments, you might howl in pain, give up, think of ending it all – I never did, and neither should YOU ever, I mean , EVER show that struggle to the outside world.

Your self respect is what matters.

If you can find a way to keep that no matter what, you’ll ultimately WIN – no matter what.

Any real achievers greatest success always, without exception comes after failure has well overtaken him or her. Remember that when the times are so dark you could shine a beacon through it and not see light.

Physically, going one more round is what it’s about too.

And the one exercise that has always motivated me, got me off my duff, stopped me from my pity parties noone knew about?

The damn pull-up.

Nothing beats getting your chin above that bar from a dead hang repeatedly, fitness benefits aside, pull-ups have no matter what my situation otherwise,made me feel like a zillion bucks.

And importantly, find the strength and courage to keep moving ahead when all seemed lost which of course hindsight is always 20/20, looking back, those dots you can only connect looking backwards.

One more rep.

Two more.

And your mental state shifts with each rep, each chin over bar no matter where you’re at now.

You can do it!!!

Lots of folks need to hear this….

You have now.

Learn how to do pull-ups right – here.

And, check out Gumption Galore for a healthy dose of what could literally be for YOU – life changing info.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This is part of a 5 page talk I sent a coaching client, minus the sales part. Real life, bottom line!

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