The David Goggins secret to becoming supernatural at anything
- Pull-ups included

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It’s interesting how a lot of true achievers, doers – when giving out there thing we call “advice” start by saying “I’m going to tell you something you already know”.


We, they – all of us are human, need to be told, we all need a kick up the backside occasionally. Can’t never stop repeating them home truths enough!

Repeat a lie a thousand times, people start thinking its the truth, do the same with uncomfortable truths noone likes to hear, and well – the subconscious mind gets the picture, avd lo, it manifests into reality eventually.

Goes for life. Business, fitness, all of it.

I was watching a David Goggings video the other day. His “secret” to being s phenomenal athlete – one of them?

Was something I talk about all the time.

Pushups, immediately followed by pull-ups, or the reverse. Nothing spectacular huh,? With Goggins here tho, you might think we are talking insane numbers of reps per set etc. Which wouldn’t necessarily be bad or wrong ..


Goggins was talking about how he did 10 pushups, 5 pull-ups, then he simple kept going for two minute rounds without lolly gagging or stopping to rest.

Then a very brief rest, boxer style, then he goes again.

It’s that simple my friend.

No fancy stuff, high reps, nothing nobody can’t do.

It’s also , in short, called persistence. Hitting it day upon day. Showing up no matter what.

And it’s that repeating, hammering home of the basics repeatedly (which if it gets so called “boring” as certain Looney tunes like to say, you’re either not doing it right or you’re LAZY – period) that really brings home the bacon, you can never ever emphasize the basics enough.

Do that enough, you’ll succeed at anything you do.

Including becoming a super stud at pull-ups, if that’s your goal as it probably was one for Goggins.

How did he get there physically?

Well, I can’t tell you without a shred of doubt the techniques in Pull-ups – from Stud to Super Stud within WEEKS! Are part of ,derivatives of, or otherwise similar to the tricks Goggins used which it all Boils down to common sense, hard work, persistence and recognizing certain harsh truths staring at ya in the mirror (and then DOING something about them as opposed to ignoring them)…

But I’ll guarantee Goggins would be nodding his head saying “amen” reading most of what i say, that book included.

There’s no shortcuts in life.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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