What a “beginner” said about Fast and Furious Fitness

In came a note for the stellar, superb, one of its kind bestselling Fast and Furious Fitness (recently translated into Spanish too, that will be on the market soon)-

From Miriam Reinoso Sanchez –

Thank you, Rahul. Actually, I don’t have any complains about the book. I think it is well written and very clear and easy to follow. Even me, that I’m far from being an expert on the topic, had no issues understanding the exercises. So yeah, it’s a good beginner’s handbook. I hope people like it. Best regards, Miriam.

And that’s that!

Truly a book for both beginners and advanced level trainees like most of my manuals. A customer that falls square in the latter category once said THIS was the ONLY book that will turn you into a human leopard, the cat in his opinion being the big cat with the best blend of suppleness and strength.

His full review is on the sales page for the book.

For me that would probably be the tiger, jaguar, actually – all cats. I’m not a huge fan of lions – but cougars, hell yes, that LEAP.

Cats in general are awesome. (Though I’ve never been a huge fan of lions, wrongly called the King of the jungle when they don’t even live in the damn jungle).

Fast and Furious Fitness equally or more do, and it will turn YOU into a verified BEAST, which I understand if you’d rather not be abd remain stuck at “drooping lily” status.

But if you DO, then…

Get this NOW. Truly a collector’s item, no, those glossy covers will not, NEVER be reprinted!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to choose the collector’s edition option when buying if you want the original glossy cover. Only 2 left, no more reprints. Truly rare!

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