Another way to think about fitness…
- a way a lot of folks would love.

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I’ve spoken, ranted, whatever you call it – about these beads, chains, amulets wierd practices etc people belive will bring them luck and that the shamians gleefully exploit of course – ugh.

It’s all about belief at the end of the day, period and spirituality, living in the flow done right which most people do wrong.


Thought I’d put this out – my own exercise system that I pioneered years before anyone even probably thought of it – fitness in bursts, commonly known as Sandwich workouts these days.

This way of exercising not only has manifold health and fitness benefits I’ve talked about Galore before, but – still – many people are too lazy to get off their duff and just do it.

Even if it’s just a pull up as you pass the doorway. Oh wait, majority of folks out there can’t do a pushup correctly, so let’s say something as simple as properly touching your toes 10 times and that’s it and believe me, even those simple hamstring and thigb stretch work wonders, make you feel like a billion bucks and make you want to do more – I’m itching to do some NOW.

This morning as I was creating videos for the other biz i passed the pull up bar.

“3 pull-ups”, mind told me “then you do it,”.

I binned the thought

But, then, before entering the cave i paused.

A magnetic force drew me BACK to the chinning bar.

And I pumped them out.

Back here writing now and this thought of “that’s one of my good luck charms” struck me!

What if YOU thought of it that way?

Wouldn’t it motivate you more to do 10 pushups in sets throughout the day which for most of you is a great workout?

And believe me, when you say how good it will make you FEEL, you’ll naturally start attracting GOOD to you, and you will WANT to build from there.

So that’s the thought for the day.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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