The ONE upper body exercise you simply must do daily.
- What is it?

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Years ago, hell, up until a few weeks or maybe a month or do ago, I’d say the pushup, perhaps pull-up.

But as I get deeper and deeper into isometrics, unlocking muscles and tendons to the deepest levels – pushing – yet doing do “easily” if you get my drift my already well worked (over the years) body to new levels of strength, health and fitness in ways and manners most can only dream of – it’s no longer necessarily that.

Don’t get me wrong.

The pull-up still reigns King and Queen in terms of upper body work, anyone who says otherwise is an idiot, shirker, or someone that simply hasn’t done or can’t correctly do this great exercise.

But something most people ignore, and this is one huge reason a lot of people don’t get better at pull-ups – is, well, what folks ignore for a lot of stuff. The bloody BASICS.

You can never ignore the basics, you’re never too good for them. Period. So pls works best. Always.

The dead hang, my friend, is part of the basics for pull-ups and like I recently spoke about in a YouTube video, is the ONE exercise id recommend you to do even if you do zero working out otherwise.

Man, this is so much more than “just a stretch” or “just an isometric”…

Most adults cannot hold on to the bar for more than a few seconds, hell, even a second is too much for most people. I still remember my dad “trying” once, gripping – and falling off with an exaggerated expression almost instantly.

I’ve been doing a lot of videos on pull-ups and dead hangs as of late. The latter is KEY – if you do it right – to getting started, good, or better at the former.

Done right, this exercise has amazing benefits. It unlocks your entire upper body, takes your grip strength to UNHEARD of levels – improves definition – reduces FAT and taxes, targets the most important or one of the most important parts of the body – the sides and lower back.

The upper back stretches like never before, the abs pulsate, man, for those nuts who say it’s too easy? Let’s see you do it daily for five minutes at a stretch! No swinging, swangihg, just a so called easy dead hang…

Truly, if you ain’t squatting you ain’t training – upper body wise, if you ain’t dead hanging daily, you’re not maximing your upper body potential, period.

The dead hang and split done right are the KEYS to unlocking your LIFE too at the highest levels and only those who have DONE it or do it regularly it will understand what I’m yapping about.

Anyway. . .

Our great books on isometrics, pull-ups, and GRIP are going great guns.

Make sure to check them out now, and order NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The above links are merely the top of the iceberg. Make SURE to check out the ADVANCED levels of these books on our products page now.

PS #2- Thanks to those that have written it with requests for custom videos – pull-ups mostly – it’s a pleasure to do them for YOU!!! Keep writing in – we love hearing from ya,!

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