The first thing that comes to mind …
- .. honor the thought!

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Most don’t.

Cardinal mistake in life, my friend. Your gut,knowing how to TRUST it – which is always – is key to real progress in life.

Your gut thinks and knows long term.

Occasionally, as happened to me in 2019 a couple of times, the consequences of going with your gut may appear to be disastrous for a period. Even long periods…

… it’s not. Long term, when you look back, as the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing – as Steve Jobs famously said about only beibg able to connect the dots backwards – you’ll see it all made perfect sense.

It’s my daughter’s birthday in a couple of days.

First thing she uttered when getting off the bus “Dad, it’s my birthday in 2 days”.

I then said yes. What are the little Princess’s plans.

She told me.

“I know you really want to talk to me, do something with me”, I said. “but with this Granny Mommy situation…”.

I trailed off. So did she.

Am I right, I asked.


I laughed. I knew it.

“Not only that, these clowns keep wanting to talk to me, about me, but then clam up and don’t”.

Occasionally, she responded.

I laughed again.

And told her not to worry. “We will do something really special for your birthday together – after all the hoo haa and madness at home subsides”.

No point trying to change them, I went on. When I was stopped by my daughter.

“Dad, are you saying there’s no point banging your head against a wall” she went.

I had to laugh then. Out loud!

Truly a chip off the old block.

Yes, no point banging your head against a brick wall i went – and she stopped me again.



Anyway, she then asked me how I do it, predict events before they happen, can tell when deliveries will show up to a T, can predict when idiots and trolls are thinking about me..

“Tell me”!

She’s not yet old enough to fully understand the term thought transmutation. Hell, most adults aren’t.

So I broke it down to bare bones.

That FIRST thought that comes to your mind, I went. You often have thoughts that come into your mind that you let go, right?

Right, she went.

Don’t, I said.

Trusting your gut, your intuition,in even the most toughest, roughest of seas is how to turn them into CALM seas.

When faced with a decision, make it QUICK – the FIRST thought that pops into mind no matter how outlandish it might seem.

And that’s a huge part of the key, went the modern day Gandhi …

Now, there’s more to it. But this is a great first step for many people – adults included.


Fitness wise, you know where you are at.

Chances are you’re well aware that you’re on this list not just for free advice, but because we offer products you NEED – WANT – that will benefit you immensely.

Else you wouldn’t be here. Period. Even the trolls know this – hehe. There has to be something of great value to troll in the first place! ????????????????


You know the products you’ve been putting off, and ONE of them is constantly on the abandoned cart list i routinely monitor – but don’t need to, I can feel it.

It’s THIS one.

Stop putting off the decision, follow that inner HEART – and get it now.

It’ll be the best damn decision you ever made. Trust me on that one!

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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