Grip training (and training in general) isn’t always about the number of reps.
- As with everything, it's quality over quantity.

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This morning, I did pull-ups as usual, or actually this afternoon after picking up a certain birthday girl from school whose 10 years old, so of course I had to rib her about “aren’t you 1 years today”?

I’ll always remember those times, precious for me forever. She’s the only thing I have in my life that’s “family” and that means a lot to me, it always will.

With all the lunacy going on between Granny and Mommy both her and me are well aware Daddy won’t be there at the birthday celebration which of course the ex had to make sweeter by saying “he never buys you anything”.

Really. Hehe. Women can be just brutal and cruel, you don’t turn kids against their parents, yet, that’s what these Nazi feminists do.

As I told the daughter to buy whatever she wanted today , she’s like Dad, I’m already so stuffed full of chocolate…

… I laughed.

And then I told her to remember my words when the ex tries to be an idiot again which is always, of course.

“I know that already!” She replied impatiently.

We will have a private celebration next week – once the lunacy is over. I’ll keep yall posted. But it’s interesting, I had my first smoke in almost two decades last night, and especially enjoyed the one after dinner. Something about cigarettes and good food – and the after sex smoke – hehe. I remember we used to smoke when I was in school at the exact same spot where the fat Nazi feminists running clothing store used to shoo us away – yesterday, I stood there at the same spot.

They’ve got a bank there now

Lady in it was asking me if I wanted an account.

My,how times and reactions change. Hehe.

Anyway, mgtow isn’t why I was writing this.

So pull-ups, grip training – strength and muscle as I posted on YouTube.

These things aren’t about the number of hurried reps you crank out.

It takes time.

Sure, I promote the idea of 15 min workouts and have been for years – people are only now starting to cotton on to it.

My gains – years of hiking in hit and humid weather, years of pull-ups, putting my body through what very few people ever would.

David Goggins would know!

Think about it. One of the most brutal grip workouts, is, as with everything – the simplest, so simple that people laugh at it.

The farmers walk.

Farmers do it all the time.

Pick up heavy buckets loaded with slop, corn, grit – whatever, walk through thick mud all day, you won’t need any other workouts.

It’s brutal.

Fries the entire body.

And it’s about time.

How long you can grip on, much like with dead hangs, and pull-ups.

Same thing for all the Advanced Hill Training I did ..

Sure, you finish within 15 minutes, or maybe 2.

But you make those two minutes nigh brutal.

That’s really the essence of it all my friend…

I’ll keep yall posted on next week -do send your wishes over for my little girl, who will always, for me, remain a tiny little pink baby that tried sucking on Daddays nipple because he had those huge man boobs back then.


Some memories are too cute not to share.

And I’m out – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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