Levers vs regular grip work.
- Brutal!

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Grip training done right is brutal, possibly more so than other forms of basic training. Perhaps grip training epitomizes the “simple works best” better then any other form of training would and BRUTALLY at that.

In the immensely popular Gorilla Grip, I wrote about lever work at the end of the book.

Most people ignore it in favor of other fancier exercises like the hanging leg raise, basic dead hangs, farmers walks and DON’T GET me wrong. Those are great exercises all of them!

Yet, lever work is brutal and builds the tendons and thick wrists everyone so wants – better.

You should do both.

Just what the hell is lever work, why the hell does it work so well, what’s so special about it?

Well .. disadvantaged positions and static holds for one.

The latter can be accomplished in many ways – but think about a regular dead hang, then one done as you hold your body maybe at 40 degree or more angle.

Think about Indian clubs.

You might think 30 lbs is too light, but like with actual training, try holding two in two hands for extended periods of time, even better?

“Flick” the club from the sitting position on the ground to one where it’s parallel to the floor while you’re standing.

Chances are grip monsters, even those that can close Captain Crushes easy peasy will have a VERY tough time even doing this, let alone hold the position.

Levers can be done with iron rods. Heavy iron hoes, with the e. Lol. Even kettlebells in a certain position..and they allow you to get MORE out of a tool you’ve mastered or close to it otherwise.

Never ignore grip work. And levers.

Get good at grip work, all else naturally improves, it’s as simple as that.

And, pick up Gorilla grip (Advanced) and Gorilla grip – the Tips – for more such forearm/tendon scorchers.

Ah yes, that famous vascularity, you’ve got part of the secret now!

And that’s that,back soon – back to the game!


Rahul Mookerjee

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