Negativity is … FATAL to any sort of accomplishment.
- Ugh

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Napoleon hill was right when he said in his book Think and Grow Rich that the average human mind looks for a bazillion different excuses avd ways NOT to do the thing – as opposed to the one way you CAN do the thing.

He was spot on. It’s how human minds are wired. As Jeff Bezos once correctly pointed out, humans are hard wired to be lazy by default.

Think about it. If you could get super fit by pressing a button vs working out, the grind -which would the average person choose?

Now I know that is a very simplistic example but really, all the negative thinking … that I see around me, the ex, people i occasionally do biz with – ugh.

There’s one joker currently in my life I’m “finishing” off some business with and it’s the biggest pain in the ass I’ve dealt with in a while.

Despite all going according to schedule, payments coming in as expected on time or ahead of time – he keeps finding excuses to call me and pester me.

What if this happens? What if that happens?

I mean, what do you tell an idiot who wants a check to cash, then flips when you give him the damn check (which I rarely if ever use, I do online) – and whines about “wanting it now”.

Then you say ok, I’ll pay you now, you do it, he then starts whining about “but what if this happens, that happens”…

I’m not going to get into it, but people – realise this – if you think negative, constantly turn over negative thoughts in your mind, are AFRAID (fear is fatal to any sort of accomplishment as Hill wrote about) … then guess what will ultimately happen.

Negative, and the results in the vast majority of people’s lives, including this particular nutjob (never has money, never has customers, constantly henpecked by his wife, whines about “family” and tough times and his various issues always) .. show it.

Man, we all need help sometimes. I’ve been there,hey.

But fuck, you don’t constantly whine about it to the point the other person gets sick and damn tired of you!

I had to tell him last night “Dude, you’re just too goddamned negative”!

That shut him up – but he’ll be back whining. Ugh. Block time very soon for him.


Fitness wise, same thing applies.

Remember the video I did on “the greatest testimonial I ever got”?

It was this same idiot I was referring to in this video.

Instead of making all the comments about “I’m too fat, i can’t sit in that position” he could have asked how. He could have asked how i turned into a fitness machine (from El Tubbo) – his wife did, but she was just making small talk which I hate too.

Losers incarnate. Ugh.

I mean, guys supposed to be the one who can sit for hours in that position, yet, here we are, tables turned…?

Anyway, there’s a reason my great books on isometrics – are making WAVES. Even the audiobooks are selling like hot cakes, everyone told me “fitness and audiobooks don’t go well together, people need pictures etc”- yet, here we are, doing great there too

It’s about THINKING.

You think good things, you attract more good into your life.

Fear, negativity, positivity, all ultimately begets the same.

Anyway, fitness wise, stop thinking “pull-ups done right are too tough”.

Or, “I can barely do 10 squats – let alone sets of 50-70 throughout the day”.

Again, simplistic examples.

Think you WILL.

Back that thought up with proper ACTION which is the quickest and best way to banish antsiness or ants in your pants, hehe – that comes from sitting around , doing nothing, thinking negative…. the best antidote.

And you’re off to the races.

Man, i hate negative folks like that – ugh.

Don’t be one of them.

Be positive.

Your results will follow, it’s a natural law, as clear as summer following winter and so forth…

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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