Follow thy heart.
- I always have,do and will!

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As I watch a great game online, come back from a brief walk outdoors – watching the game all the way , the walk wasn’t about exercise. It was about something i wanted to do “right then” . I did.

Way too many of us FAIL to listen to our inner selves, and listen NOW.

To do so could be fatal to your desires, future achievements etc as Napleon Hill wrightly – hehe – rote – about in Think and Grow Rich.

It’s just one line.

But it could sum up the essence of the entire book, along with sexual transmutation, one of the least understood and most powerful tricks to getting what you want out of life , fitness, biz, all of it.

Many other things of course, but these are two of the most important.

Never forget to “live” as I recently told a lady.

Despite fitness, discipline, all the, a JCVD quote sums it up perfectly.

“if you want to have a chocolate, have s good one! Life’s short!”

So it IS.

Same thing for a beer, occasional cigar, smoke, whatever the indulgence is.

As I tell you in the Simple and Effective Diet, you can get away very easily and progress with the occasional indulgence.

What I did NOT write?

Is it’s nigh impossible to make true progress otherwise.

If you’re in a rut, emotionally, physically, whatever, no matter what – BACK yourself to come good and achieve your goals, and NEVER stop listening to your gut, heart. Most people never start, sadly!

Dr Maltz said it best in Pyscho Cybernetics.

If you’re cheering for yourself (I said that in a video too) – truly KNOWING you’re on your way to your goals, then a thousand people against you in the bleachers can’t stop you.

Conversely – if YOU don’t believe, all the external support you get or don’t doesn’t matter. It will come to naught ultimately.

It’s all between the ears my friend.

Never forget to live life to the fullest, king-size.

We were put here not to bend to everyone’s societal wishes and other BS, but to do what we were TRULY meant to, follow our hearts.

Life flows and becomes so so much simpler when you understand this, and more importantly have the GUTS to follow through.

Many great cricketers have been in a rut – holds true for achievers in any field.

Those that emerged stronger and better knew that form was temporary, class is permanent.

And, I’ll end on that note.

Never forget to live life the best you can and enjoy it to the fullest, we only have one.

Theres the small matter of afterlives, spirit.

But I won’t get into that here … and … that is… that!



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