It’s the little things that matter.
- And they do..

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I’ve written about this before, spoken about this before. Probably Steve Jobs said it the best when he mentioned the take of his grandfather teaching him this truism. . .

. . . Via carpentry, i believe.

Hia grandfather showed him a wooden box or something – an intricate piece of work.

Most people would never notice the back, he went.

Yet, I spent the same amount of time – obsessing over and getting the back of the box – absolutely perfect as I would the front – even though most people would never notice it.

Lots reading will jump to the fitness truism and obvious conclusion here, working the back of the body as opposed to the showpiece front which you’ll find inscribed on my tombstone or whatever it is, pyre etc when I go. Hehe.

But there’s more …

This truism above applies to every area of your life, my friend.

Most people might not notice it daily – but that one time they do – it will STICK.

Jobs applied this truism to Apple …

Products that are outrageously priced, still sell like hotcakes – interestingly enough even the cheapskates don’t whine about iPhone prices, do they? Hehe. I’ve never understood why, but actually I do. It’s more than marketing genius and what I said above is part of it.

In China they have a saying, or rather General Michael once told me “delivery with a smile”.

It’s true.

I remember ordering a pack of cigarettes – less than a buck at the time from a store at 2 am.

My friend Clement from HK couldn’t believe it.

Just one pack, they still delivered??? At that time?

Yes, they did. Hehe.

And that’s always been the case in China, delivery with a smile. Yes, there’s been the rare case otherwise, but mostly not.

Where I’m at now, not so much the case. There’s all these apps in India that claim to deliver, and do, but lazy delivery guys that won’t even get off their bikes to ring the customers doorbell, won’t try and find the place if GPS doesn’t work – and worse, yell and shout at the customer (yes, you heard me right) claiming “it’s their fault” takes the sheen of a lot of it.

The little things.

When i order, i don’t want to be bothered till the damn order arrives. Amazon understands this better than most, but part of the reason India is where it is as a country is there is no respect for money – or the customer.

And, the attitude of “he might not be from here, but he is”. That mentality will never change, which is why I left the place a long time ago…

Currently, well, as a friend recently said “you’re temporarily and unfortunately stuck here”.

Hehe. So true.

All happens for a reason though. I couldn’t be happier despite the annoyances, and the final seperation from the ex in July was the best damn thing to happen to me, ever.

I recently read something about “God removed you from a table because the host was poisoning you in the guise of fancy food”.

So true, right down to the food. And God did do it, he always does the right thing ultimately.

The Universal Court of Justice sees all, there is and never can be an escape from it for anyone. Period.

Justice is always served, silently, yet most efficiently.

Anyway, the little things.

Like the auto discount all new customers get which I’ve never marketed.

Like me obsessing about something as minor as links in an email due to Dns issues and spending hours resolving it.

The little things.

But they count, they matter.

Fitness wise, same thing.

You might not think getting the chin over the bar and holding there in a pull up matters that much, or starting from a complete dead hang. You might think “a bit of swinging” is ok.

It’s not.

The little things.



Squatting down randomly throughout the day …

Restaurants being cheap with regular customers, thinking “he won’t notice”. Oh yeah I do. And i routinely complain though most claim it won’t make a difference. Oh yes, it DOES.

The little things lead to big things.

My results show.

Like Michael Harding once said “hard to argue, he’s got the results on the board”

True Aussie speak. Hehe.

Then results shall and can be YOURS too my friend.

Get the 0 Excuses Fitness Philosophy – or System today and start doing what it teojs you to.

It’s so much more than just a fitness system,like mgtow,nuts a philosophy, a way of life almost.

Jump aboard, you’ll see what I mean.

And that’s that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee “the perfect one finger typist. Maybe, as my email signature says .. Sent from my dumb phone which perhaps ain’t as dumb as I make it out to be. Hehe. ”

The little things! Like an answering machine I once had “Hi, this is Rahul – you need me, I need you, leave a message”…

Anyone even remember the beep on them thangs? Hehe. Anyway, enough from ole Fuddy Daddy for now…

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