The best and most dedicated trolls…
- ...are the ones I love the most. Hehe.

Like a certain Bozo Schofield…

But there’s a growing number of his ilk, not just regular trolls. But super dedicated trolls that have turned the art form of trolling (it is,nhehe) into a super art, refined it par excellence, and so forth.

I love trolls in general which alone is a mind bender for most and sometimes literally “beg” to get trolled – not directly beg, but through my words. Hehe.

It never fails to bring results, and the associated sales with it.

But the ones I love the most, the super dedicated trolls, which you know one sign of?

There’s content I’ve created eons ago, long since forgotten about, but the trolls have not.

And they spend hours literally – I mean literally hours trying to find the EXACT post they’re looking for like this one. Hehe.

Man, been so long since I revisited that ..

That’s one that sticks in their draw or craw, whichever – big time. I never thought it would, I was just being flat out honest as I always am. Which of course is precisely what most idiots hate about me. Hehe. One of the things that is.

Anyway. Quick one this, much like Glyns … ah, we won’t ho there. . .hehe

Poor gals is all I’ll say. Giggle.

But THESE are really the trolls that I mint most long term.

And it’s precisely this sort that Profit Troll talks about. 

If you’re interested in making money regardless of your other interests or not, hell, even if you ain’t into fitness, that above book, and this one are MUST GRABS – NOW.

And that’s that


Rahul Mookerjee