“Honey, do you think Jim would like you if you were a dark skinned Indian”
- Another very controversial one.

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alright guys, so I’m getting more and more controversial – if you’ve heard that last video, you  know what I mean . Man, these long ass posts on dumbphones, I was using AI for some of it but since I’m soooo good with one finger, no puns, hehe ….

Back in the day, that was a comment the ex made to me when I was gushing lyrical about my first job in China with this “great boss Jim ” – later to be christened Uncle J for his habit of turning red in the face when frustrated, hehe, I don’t know if he eveb knows that – and his habit of reclining in his office chair like the bearded Saunders – kfc – or JFC as a colleague of mine and me quietly snickered. Hehe.

I would have none of it course, but as I said in these last video, subsequent events were to prove her partially right, along with my own Dad’s non committal reaction (tho to be fair, both of their liberal mindsets I never agreed with).

I still remember showing up in China in 2003, not speaking axword of Chinese. Happy about a salary which my dad could have well told me to negotiate and i would have gotten more, but you know him in that regard.

Was that a boon or curse – my family, the complete and utter lack of support etc – most including the ex say curse, i say fucking boon as it forced me to go through hell and back, the fucking GRIND which noone succeeds without, the vast majority of men don’t make the cut.

As Napoleon Hill says in think and grow rich….

When you finally arrive, the world congratulates you and says voila! I knew you could do it! Until that point tho, and this is why I keep carping about results speaking louder than words – much – well, you that has been there, done that,know what I mean.

Point of this? This video that I just uploaded was originally going to be titled pulling the pork. Hehe. No pun .

This post should have been titled what the video is ie why you shouldn’t help just because you “can”.

The above uis one reason, the other?

One month after I showed up, uncle j did too – and tried asking for a fork to eat with, something which he’d never have done with a Chinese person around where he’d show off his chopstick abilities (i still remember my middle finger quivering and Ann lee giggling as she taught me years later)…

True politician.

He couldn’t speak a word of Chinese,neither could i, which he knew, yet he looked at me with THAT look.

Which clearly said, you’re of Asian descent , so ..

Am I saying he was racist – no, but the mindset is stupid. Much like a former friend Charles telling me he’d rather eat curry cooked by an Indian who couldn’t cook well as opposed to an Aussie chef who could go it way better, similar to the Chinese mindset of “he’s white so he’s a good teacher”, and bang we have Russians not speaking axword of English or few teaching, which is a completely different skill from speaking anyway ..

Idiots galore everywhere, every race.

Anyway, i was going to tell him that but didn’t.

A week or so later uncle’s wife was on the phone,he was turning red trying to explain pork loin to ak assistant who just couldn’t understand – man, simple to you and I right? Hit the farmers market or whatever, try communicating that in Chinese tho when you don’t speak a word of the fucking language. Hehe.

I would have sympathized, even tried to help.

Didn’t. Followed my gut telling me to zip it, be quiet. Subsequent events, not the least of which was me being treated indirectly and horribly in that company and directly so by Carmen, a fat Nazi fem that uncle didn’t quite like, but he needed her, so he gave her way more authority than she should have had, of course she misused it.

Freddie was different in that regard, the boss he was yes, but we were all equals there … In. Most ways that matter which is why despite quitting that job I respect the man toll thus day. American Chinese from hk basically. . .


Same reason why I don’t give out information for free to folks. Or even be cautious about doing charity which I love, people’s attitude, and just how fucking ungrateful they are (yes, even if you give the. What they need – with a capital fucking N, watch the video for more on that!) …

It’s not valued. People never value that which they get without struggle or investment or both, period. Vast majority don’t anyway …

… and of course, the other reason.

And that ain’t the sort i cater to. It never will be.

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And, be sure and watch or listen more accurately to the videos…


Rahul Mookerjee

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