Nothing, including handwriting needs to be effin perfect …
- These bloody dolts pushing their warped mindset down young kids throats! Ugh!

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My ex is one of them, daughters school teachers likely others. And she’s in the majority, a very vast one there along with morons who whinge about the odd and usually non fucking existent typos in my books and so forth (and typo ridden posts,nheheh).

Fuck. Might sound strange from soneobe who recently did a post about Steve jobs and the lesson on obsessive perfectionism for products, but bear with me, this is different.

One of the things I’ve always hated about my Naxi feminist ex – most say it’s a little thing – but those little things add up and do matter! – proof in the fucking pudding us her habit of being overly obesquious to other women, especially my mom who through dad pays for lot of her shit – and the exact opposite to me and now my daughter.

We don’t even speak despite living in the same house now.

Best damned thing ever for me. She’d routinely yell out so called routine stuff from the other room, expecting an answer. Too lazy and rude, hell, it didn’t even occur to her despite me telling her how fucking disrespectful it is to do that – like the servants she so loves apparently, another huge ugh, lazy cunt …

Ive that happen when I was young. Let me tell you, beyond a certain age thats fucking disrespectful. Of course the daughter as my mom says is scared shitless of her moods and mom conveniently forgets to mention in the same breath she’s even more scared of mom’s meaningless lectures so the merry go around continues, the medium differs.


My ex pestered me for years to change mine, write more cursive.

Even change my signature which looks like a rough scrawl, so much so noone can ever verify it when they need to, never looks the same thing. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Hell.  It damn sure is.

For a while, I even changed the online version of it as some know, but that nice pretty perfectly formed signature, much like a turd ,- wasn’t hitting the door, no fucking pun intended, it didn’t feel natural I changed it back

Of course, her wanker gurus whined about the rules, how you can’t cross your own name and how doon and gloom follows all those that do and other utter rubbish, and these days, she’s on about it with my daughter. Give me a break will ya?

Growing up, I had the same shit happen to me.

Look at the email I sent about Steve jobs a while back.

The ad that is being auctioned for over 150k, even I took a while to understand what was written.

Like Freddie once said about my speech in a boardroom which none of the Chinese present could understand.

“Slow down, even i can’t understand”

That’s true genius for you, friend. Noone understands. Neither were they meant to and that’s fine. I’ll gladly take the brick bays but …

Would be nice if my fucking ex could limit the daughters screen time.

Or, shout if she doesn’t do creative things. And so forth.

And ain’t nothing wrong with cursive either. It strengthens the brain big time for one and has many other benefits I’ve spoken and written of before.

But it’s hardly as fuckin important as it’s made out to be.

Try telling that to an entitled brat tho that only knows to scare a daughter off her father and hide things from him, even the little things (so called).

It’s insane. I buy her a small bar and chocolate and the ex finds  toss it in the trash, even if she didn’t?

Daughters petrified of even touching it because “Daddy bought it and Mommy will yell”.

Naxi fems and bullies may not be quite on the same level as pedos, but they’re close. Leave kids out of it for chrissake… ugh.

Try telling her to take look at Steve jobs handwriting, Einstein’s, or any achievers. It’s so far removed from perfect it ain’t funny, but it makes Munny!

Kiddie fitness is the best gift you can give your kids my friend – not the BS most people do. Agdin, proof in the pudding, take a look at how the little girl looked back then and now. Ugh.

Life ain’t perfect

In the flow is in the flow, you write like you speak, its that simple.

No, it doesn’t mean you put shit out.

It means you focus on what matters and not bullshit.

Try telling that to Nazi fem clowns tho.

Ah but wait.

You shouldn’t, not directly at least as I’ve said and proven so many times it ain’t even funnee honeee.

Here’s why, just in case you’re not on board, and that’s that!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Though I’ve always been mgtow to ab extent I’ll always remember Marc the African silver back Gorilla cautioning me about something i didn’t get the full import of even back in 2018. As recently as that I mean to say.

“I understand, but remember, she could end up never being yours”.

No, he wasn’t referring to DNA tests either.

So true Marc, so fucking true …

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