The waist holds it there….

Hers another, or maybe a couple of litmus tests that apple equally to skinny fat folks – and fat paunchy “belly protruding constantly pulling the front of the shorts up” morons that claim we’re big but not fat, and it comes from the most unexpected source ever, my Dad.

Who as you know is hardly a fitness icon or close to it himself. The memories that stand out there – telling me to lift pink dumbbells on either side for “15 min” to build ” those” muscles – shit that weighed like 5lbs – holding on to the pull up bar incorrectly for like a fraction of a second before collapsing (pretty standard for most folks) and … well, the famous comment an idiot from Delhi police once made when we went to the cops for installment two of “that case”  (a completely UNWARRANTED comment, would have never gone down that way rith me) about “your pants are falling down”.

Well, cop at least judged him right…(and there was no need for him to be there anyway, typical mentality, anyway…(not his, the cops)).

Anyway, amongst the rabble you find a gem or two, or you might. His advice to not watch wrestling and run for 15 mins a day to “look more like them” is at least along the right track if not completely fucking hypocritical given he’s never ran anywhere himself …

But anyway,  and this was back when I was 17 or so , maybe 14…

Had to quit taekwondo because of “studies” or some such crap. And the perfect core started putting on a wee bit of lard folks delighted in pinching around the sides.

Including the guy who once advised me to “build yourself up to the point you’re indestructible”.

Right on, Rajinder!

Brooks kubik wrote about this in Dinosaur bodyweight training when was referring to his high school wrestling days.

“On the conditioned guys we grabbed a hunk of muscle around the sides. On the fat ones, we grabbed that fat and DUG in with the fingers”.

(As a test for excess FAT, simple, effective, sure works).

And the latter hurts like a SOB. Hehe.

Anyway ..

I was once asking dad about how these skinny dudes could seemingly wear sizes too large for them, including pants.

His answer was, at the time, interesting.

“The waist holds it up”.

What he really meant was the obliques naturally work to hold it up – as opposed to fat people you constantly see pulling the front of their shorts up.

(I believe we were discussing the need for a belt or what not, not entirely sure)

As my towel almost fell off today while applying hair gel – well, no full moon thankfully! *Grin*

But, along with the various other litmus tests I’ve mentioned in this regard such as not being able to do pull-ups (and it ain’t one unless you get your chin above the bar from a dead hang, preferably pronated grip)…this is an interesting one.

Think about it.

You’ll see as always, the bodyweight exercise guru makes perfect sense.

If you want a lean,mean core that will literally make people feel like they hit sheet metal – when their elbows BOUNCE off it, then Corrugated Core is your baby.

Truly as the man said, hard-core training for a HARD, hard core, NOT the beach boy – or (I added this) – cabana boy – look.

Do y’all even remember the term cabana boy or are you googling?



Rahul Mookerjee