That’s what happens when you go for CHEAP…

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Dad, look at that scooter! It almost hit me!

My daughter on the way back from school – who as I’ve said before learned a lesson that I have been inputting into her brain for months – the “hard way”.

Luckily God, or the Universe taught her the lesson in proportion and nothing major happened, a positive as always cane out of what most would construe to be an extremely -ve situation and rightly so.

Anyway, i get what she’s saying.

We are currently in an area you can’t even step out for a quiet smoke without Bozos staring holes through you, cars coming at ya from all directions with no warning, scooters, people the entire medley. Road rules? Do they even exist?

As dad’s Italian client rightly noted… those lanes on the road are there – or not in most cases, despite the political bs of “repaving the road” they have so many signs for (daughter noticed that too, was asking me about it, I had to explain the utter BS and lack of regard people have for themselves, their living areas and such to her. Don’t get me wrong, they all “want” better, they know what better is, they just don’t want to be bothered to look past their own fucking homes )..

I’ve never understood. What’s the point of living in an insulated coocon that extends from your home till outside your gate and car and the hell with all else?

Or, going to the Himalayas, one of the best places if not the best in my opinion places to visit…and then traveling everywhere in a fucking car.

Don’t make no damn Sense to me. If course, I’m just the bodyweight exercise guru, why would what i say matter

And it’s getting worse. I was telling my daughter to be careful getting out of the bus even, look left and right.

These fucks will run you over and disappear, law be damned i cautioned.

In the past she wouldn’t have listened. Now of course she does. And proof, well, the exs injury where a cat knocked her off her scooter,made off on its merry ole way…. onlookers could give a fig less. Ugh.

My mother always wanted to live in this part of town i label the “rich hood”( though I’d rather be in the ghetto where at least you know where you stand. If you can do that without getting run over!

Funnily enough, a short walk away, as you enter another block in that part of town, vibes entirely different.

Truly, people and their thinking make up a place.

I won’t say it’s perfect, not near ..but, that area is nowhere near the hole this place is.

People in both parts have tons of money.

The difference you ask?


In that area, people don’t think cheap and “save a buck” which my mother who all her life lived with and by the maxim “we are just middle class, noone special” wanted to do when moving here years ago. Dad still proudly Rants about how it was “Mas dream to own a house here!)”.

Funnily enough or maybe not I’ve never once heard about his own dreams, other than doing what his wife tells him, even if that’s to the detriment of his kids.

Point of all this, that’s what you get – results included – when you’re a cheapskate or have that “look it up on Amazon to see if it’s cheaper” mentality.

Me, even when I never had a penny to my name, I had this in mind – never ever settle and lower your standards.


I never did.

Either do it right or not at all. Period.

That THINKING has persisted with me all my life.

“You like Everything awwwnline” my mom often used to taunt me. Ex too.


I might save a few bucks on toodling down to the local market or i might not.

To me tho it’s all about results and convenience which I’ll gladly pay a bit more for.

I don’t know who needs to hear this.

But doers will understand.

And that’s why the price of the 0 Excuses Fitness Philosophy will go UP next week – or maybe sooner – long overdue in my opinion.

Grab it NOW at the current price while you still can if you’re so inclined.

Start moving towards your dreams, ambitions and goals TODAY.

Yes, we all got them.

Acknowledge them!

And move, take action. Nothing moves without action.

And dats dat.


Rahul Mookerjee

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