Calf cramps can hurt like a SOB and often do!

Yes, they can be and often are very painful!!


So can thigh cramps.


And there’s only one solution to it – stretching, and lots of it my friend.


You can be the fittest guy or gal ever. Cramps tho can strike at any time – hydrated or not – the only solution is what so many people rail against.


Stretching for what might seem like hours at a time, and let me tell you, for those that rant against long stretching workouts – as I said in a great little video I did today, it don’t just mean “boring” or “yoga” or Jane Fonda or any of that crap.

Anyone that’s ever done it right knows how great it makes you feel, opens your whole body up – in fact, I’d argue with all the relaxing benefits – why would you NOT stretch for long periods??

Some links of interest –


Just but a couple.


Trust me, it’s painful as heck.


And watching Mohamad Rizwan down with the cramps in a great great game i just instinctively knew Pakistan would win, and they will – I should be the star of the movie Jannat, hehe, with all my predictions routinely coming true, I could make some serious dough! Hehe (that’s about a bookie with the same innate skill and a great actor, one of my all time favorites Emraan Hashmi)…


I gotta say it again.


Diet, hydration – all of that has got a lot to do with it. Pro sportsmen have that nailed down with all the advice they get, if they take it . Some are rather rebellious like some in the Pakistan cricket team and they don’t, hehe.


Truly mercurial – like Mercurial Mookerjee…


And he, the bodyweight exercise guru is the very best equipped to teach you about isometrics.


Done right.


Or not at all.


Get your stretch on NOW.



Rahul Mookerjee

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