Fighting that CONSTIPATED “stopped up” feeling.
- Note I didn't just say constipation

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There’s two aspects to this one, and both affect the vast majority of people in this world – yet, even a lot of FIT folks.

Straining away, sitting on the throne – sound familiar? IBS like symptoms where you’re more worried about looking for the next clean toilet when you go out to eat as opposed to the food itself. Constant belching, farting etc …

Yes, applies equally to both genders – sorry, I’d rather not say “all”.

Not sorry actually. Hehe.

For years, I suffered from IBS and a host of other such related issues. I still remember Ann Lee once after a particularly spicy dinner telling me to “try the Asian style toilet”.

Admittedly she was spot on. Would have solved most of the issues shortly!

I remember going to a lady of the night, and my tummy “burbling” – this even with hill climbs and such!

And many such other embarassing issues which for whatever reason most of the chinese never seemed to suffer from despite eating, drinking and smoking like chimneys.

No, just corrugated cores have nothing to do with it.

Diet? Chinese eat tons of pork for one,.long considered very unhealthy, Asians in general smoke and drink a lot …

A lot of you with gas, acidity and such – it adds to weight gain too. Obvious reasons, that has to go somewhere eh.

I remember always stressing about taking my Metamucil. Percie did too. Hehe. In india, Isabgol. (And back in the day constipation and related issues, literally unheard of in India).

Basically husk supposed to pass through the system. And yet it never despite helping, actually solved the problem.

Like I said, ain’t just limited to fat or out of shape folks either. Super fit cricketers and other sportsmen have been so hit by hemmeroids, including a certain commentator I’m listening to now Big Matt the Batt, super fit in his day, was literally bed ridden for a month due to this.


I bet….

While watching a commercial for yet another one of those idiotic Metamucil like tablets, I’m compelled to tell you this yet again and I’ve said this before.

Certain isometrics which cost nothing will clean you out more than anything else will. Completely.

Fasting will too. Only if done right though and most start out dead WRONG mentally.

No, you won’t get weak,die or any of the other bullshit people think – even if you’re working out hard and heavy, as a customer here once said about a fat fool who keeps claiming he’s big but not fat “he needs to fast for a year to lose all that gyno and blubber”.

Not a year, but improving his mental attitude and eating a lot less would certainly help that nutjob, certainly NOT one of a kind.

My latest upcoming book will cover it all..

Back to it, despite so called knowing all this – most people want to take the easy route, not do what works, then they wank about lack of results.

No, nice tasting “sweet orange flavored Metamucil” or what not rarely works. The hard stuff does. Life, fitness, medical issues, all of it.

And mentally, this, along with the usual chaos in folks minds leads to even more blockage Mentally – which leads to the obvious, even more lackluster achievement in any area or at all.

It doesn’t have to be this way, my friend …

And you know it. Those so called easy positions I tell you so much about are ones the majority of folks cannot do, yet, inexplicably – won’t try at all. Too boring, too simple, all this crap – no pun.

Typical excuse makers.

I hope you reading this aren’t one of them, if you are, just click away NOW. There’s no point you and I talking.

If you DO want to solve these problems though …

Then, emblazon the following statement DEEP in your MIND.

Isometrics my friend done right will improve your life beyond belief. Believe me now and trust me later.

Grab both my courses on them now – link one, link two.

Or, grab the compilation to save a few bucks ..

Thank me later!


And leave reviews, please.


Rahul Mookerjee


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