Why would someone knowingly sign up to be an affiliate if they thought “sales was dirty”?
- Morons to say the least, cheapskates,wankers...

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I’ve never quite understood the thining, my friend. The vast majority of people in this world have this thinking, and it’s so stupid – what’s dirty about giving people what they want, what they need?

Is Amazon dirty, or any company you buy anything from?

Is advertising dirty?

It’s stupid, my own family has that thinking – no wonder noone ever made any real money in my family.

Money is good. It isn’t the root of all evil, my friend. Human thinking can be evil yes, but money is a medium for your thoughts to manifest – simple as that.

This guy signed up knowingly to be an affiliate. In that application we have a section specifically stating “please outline a plan of attack”.

He responded to that with a cheeky smart ass “but if it’s the the type that sticks”.

I should have never let that slide. Sometimes I’m guilty of giving people too much chances. I approved him. Big mistake.

Simply saying “we will build it and let them come” doesn’t work my friend. If it did, we would all be millionaires – more to the point, the sheer stupidity of someone that signs up to be an affiliate for us, then whines about (months later) “sales makes me feel dirty” – when the glaring reality is he never had a plan to sell in the first place – is just stupid.

Wait, there’s more.

Guy has a site from the 1960s.

Wait, they did not have the internet back then. Hehe. Ok, 80’s but you get my point.

Amidst all the constant handholding I had to do for him – huge waste of time and energy – i told him about his site, and he readily agreed he needed a site makeover, new web hosting (since he planned on promoting us through there).

Of course, when it came time to pay – months delayed – he threw a hissy fit.

Exactly like this moron I mention here, specifics are different sure. In both cases i should have followed my gut and put them on block instantly, never given them a second chance. Sometimes, as Rueben said I’m too nice.

“You know, you try and be nice to some people”…

Whined about “but i don’t have that much” – yet he could have said that upfront when I clearly quoted costs etc in some very lengthy emails I sent him.

This sort pisses me off no end. Time wasters, all they do is talk

He too is one of the sorts whose entitled, expects it all for free.

Like a lot of fans loving my products etc, wanting all sorts of free advice, my RESULTS – but ask them to give you money, they will throw a hissy fit.

The Rock recently suffered backlash when asking people for donations for Mayi. I simply don’t get it. He had to backtrack saying “I understand, when somone who has a lot of money is asking you for money, it pisses you off”.

He didnt really want to say that. Had to. Look, the Rock was hardly born rich!

He ain’t asking for himself.

With this guy I told him send what he had, we will set up hosting accordingly. He threw more of a hissy fit!

Which finished with a whine of “I do t have more money for you”.


It goes to infrastructure!

And he’s the one that needs new hosting, site etc – not me!

As I recently quoted Karl Gotch, A great wrestler of your – Talks cheap. Money buys whisky.

In other words,money talks, BS walks.

It’s as simple as that.

Certainly NOT the kind of affiliate we want, though he does good audio work but he complains too much, moves at the speed of molasses … ugh.

Compare him to the lovely Countess Paula.

Does great work for us every week. Puts out reviews and takes the initiative to send me new ideas for marketing etc without me needing to ask. Follows us, does what I ask her to.

Dedicated to her work entirely and it shows.

That is the sort of affiliate we want!

I’ve done videos on this before, but this guy started whining about high pressure sales and such – two things.

One, he keeps complaining about not making money, yet he doesn’t want to sell, and truth be told I’ve never known anyone that doesn’t not just survive but thrive in a high pressure situation (though we are hardly that) – that makrs a ton of dough.

He was whining about not being able to market for me 24/7.

Again, blindingly obvious.

Affiliates work on their time. Their own dime. You decide how much you work, how much you make.

Bottom line here, guys a cheapskate wanting it all for free, I should have followed my gut and blocked him at the outset like I do with so many folks like that. I don’t want their energy anywhere near me.

That goes for people on the list, customers, friends, everyone. And affiliates.

Anyway. If you’re looking to be an affiliate for us, please know all this upfront.

It’s bloody rudimentary but it’s amazing I gotta pull all this out there.

Oh websites? Paula even took the initiative to create her own website promoting us. That’s what I call true dedication!

And that’s that.



PS – Yes, we do high quality web design and hosting too. Contact us if you’re so interested!

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