A piss poor excuse people use to justify not being in shape ..

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Back when the ex and i still spoke, one of the most idiotic things she retorted with when folks called her fat was this – the other girls around me are way fatter!! I’m better than them!

This struck me as lunacy.

True, the area she’s in, and i did a video on how folks have no PRIDE in their bodies in that area – people are literally obese as hell, way more than the norm, lazy, fat, entitled, cranky – the list runneth – nay, spilleth over.

Women especially as I’ve written about, but the men are no slouches in that regard…

It’s pathetic. Especially coming from a woman who before when she was in the village, before she had access to all the nazi feminist bullcrap on YouTube and such, the entitled me, I deserve this bullshit… she was in super shape. Literally a 22 pack!

Used to wake up at 530 in the morning to exercise though she hated it (her father made her do it or else ass whipping time)…

I mean, fuck. .

If someone’s a bottom feeder, you’re close to it, does that justify your situation?

Just one example, of course telling that to her with all her bullshit about “I had a baby, all women are this way after childbirth” – the biggest excuse Nazi feminists use for everything, pop out a kid, the world owes them all …


There’s tons of women with kids galore in perfect shape

In ancient times, women had three, four, five kids. They never had bulging bellies after that …

And my ex ain’t the only one, let me tell ya.

Let me tell ya, everyone regardless of their situation has at least 15 minutes to invest in their bodies.

This doesn’t mean “doing nice things for yourself”, fancy clothes, “treat me” , good food, or any of the other nonsense the idiotic so called self help gurus rant about.

All of that is not necessarily bad, don’t get me wrong, you SHOULD be nice to yourself, but the most assets you have, in that order – mind and body.

How many people take care of those two and do nice things for themselves?

My ex eats out, her thoughts are “I’m doing it! Rahul isn’t!”

Then she comes home,makes a face when she sees me, a sick face when my delivery shows up…lol.

This afternoon I was lying in bed amazed at how many belly was rising and falling with each deep breath like my six month old daughters used to.

Little kids breathe naturally.

Older kids, adults, are shallow chest breathers. . .

Your breath comes from the center part of your belly, a chakra point – the navel.

Deep, rythmic breaths…

Maybe I’ll do a video on it.

Maybe i won’t.

But if you don’t spend at least 15 minutes in our body daily, you’re fucking pathetic.

Like Akshay Kumar rightly said, if you can’t devote at least one hour out of 24 to your body, just kill yourself.

Spot on bro.

And that’s the principle the 0 Excuses Fitness system was founded upon.

And the philosophy…

Get it now if you’re so inclined!


Rahul Mookerjee

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