The ONE withdrawal symptom even the bodyweight exercise Guru gets and can’t control…
- Maybe he doesn't want to. Hehe.

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I’ve written and spoken tomes about how withdrawal symptoms, needing to go to “counselling” etc – how people that claim they need to “cut back” on smoking and drinking, constantly “fall off the wagon” etc – all of this is more evidence of weakness and a weak mindset than anything else.

Many years ago, an ex of mine was whining about me needing to go to counseling. For some so called issues.

For reference, this girl didn’t work, lived on federal assistance, had a host of medical and other health ailments, would routinely check herself into hospitals to “take a break mentally” by calling 911 – talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The only issue there was her own mindset.

Kinda like my mom who whined about me needing to go to Counseling for quitting dead end loser jobs.

Well, at least in that case I went – and had a nice flirt with the cute little counselor with the then wife still there. Hehe .

I’ve always been a believer in doing it yourself. We all can, have the ability to if we dig deep. Precious few do.

As TEMB once told me, you don’t need no damn counselor. Spot on, bro. Right down to his description of the floor humper pushups…. Lol.


Folks have asked, even more quietly wonder how I stay so fit and strong despite my smoking, drinking …

How I just up and stop drinking beer on a whim for years. Same thing with cigarettes, coffee etc.

It’s called mental strength, friend

Just do it, don’t whine.

It’s that simple.

I never had all these so called withdrawal symptoms. If I did want a cigarette, I did something else, it’s that simple. .

People look for excuses, crutches….

Anyway, there’s one symptom i ain’t spoken about as yet – a withdrawal symptom even I cannot control. Hehe. Actually I don’t want to ..

Last night, despite yesterday being mostly walking and stretching and 20 pull-ups – my legs cramped every two hours at night.

Despite being hydrated.

Horrible cramps, calf cramps, I had to get up and walk around to ease it, but it didn’t go away

This morning when I woke up, I got the urge to do the splits, did it for 40 minutes like I love to do.

Did squats, pull-ups, more….

…and then i got it

Yesterday was fucking HECTIC.

Lots of assholes showing up, lots of ass kicking going on, don’t get me started. Amidst all that, the thought of doing my daily stretch session kept popping into mind. I did do 15 minutes, but I wanted more, yet, despite me being the one saying “the splits solve ALL” – I simply couldn’t, too much going on!

Back to peace today, and after stretching the way I teach – I understand why I was cramping.

Most would think it happens due to too much exercise, lack of salt, nutrients, hydration etc, yes, that is true too, in my case tho none of that was applicable.

It was my body telling me, look asshole, zero excuses!


And I got the message – thank you!

My friend, if there is one fitness activity id recommend it’s stretching.

People talk about how people can stretch for hours…

… These people haven’t done ig correctly and at the deepest levels, I’ve spoken about how GOOD it makes you feel!

How your life flows, opens up…


The non believers will never believe…

But, for those interested –

Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

Advanced, PROFOUND isometric and Flexibility Training

If you’re into fitness, you owe it to yourself to have these two manuals sitting on your fitness bookshelf.

Get them NOW.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Edit – A day later, on yet another magical day – Ever wake up and just FEEL in your bones it’s going to be a magical day, and sure enough it is, all works out perfectly…you know feel, KNOW!

Happens for me so often. Think, visualize right, it will for YOU too.

And i remember my dad once saying how his calves were cramping driving 11 hours in Indian traffic, which is that crazy even today – to someone like me whose driven continuously for more than that on hilly “world’s most dangerous roads” – in countries where I never even drive before – I’ve had my abs cramp when i bent over from sitting that long partly (well, that and i was very unfit back then) that comment hit home but anyway….. Couple of days later i don’t know why I felt the need to share this but since I do, here goeth!

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