2 Finger pull-ups and more…
- Mr T ...!

Last night I had a dream – many dreams as always, and part of that was, as with a few days ago – doing pullups.

I was doing them narrow grip in the other dream, but today, after getting out of if the shower with a girl, oddly enough, white T shirt soaked with sweat… I did them hammer grip old school Mr T style, on two nearby hooks nearby.

In both cases I got my chin WELL over the bar.

Now, doing pull-ups in my dreams has nothing to do with exercise, fitness or working out in general. Dreams, and you’ll see this on a new site soon – are not meant to be taken literally,  they’re figurative, you have to interpret them based upon many factors, numero uno being how you FEEL at the end of the dream,but even that’s up in the air sometimes.

Anyway. Woke up. Decided whether or not to do laundry – then marched off to the living room, all the while thinking about the dream.

Threw on my headphones, since the ex was at it usual, that horrible lazy vibe early in the morning, one foot on the damn table, slouching, dumb phone on full blast.

Like Charles, I hate it when folks do that especially when she’s got headphones. And the content is even more annoying, usual soap opera crap, and these idiots laughter shows she’s got on at full blast all the damned time. Ugh!

Yes John, it’s just as bad as what yall got in the UK!

More to the point, destroying your brain first thing in the morning and all day with this crap?

I can understand tuning out to a movie late at night occasionally, but this nonsense… Ugh. Anyway, that’s the vast majority of folks for ya.

I then thought about what to do.

Then, I figured I’d try some two finger pull-ups, but not hammer grip which are the easiest form of pull-ups as I’ve often said . Not quite “lazy man pull-ups” if you do them right, and no, Mr T wasn’t quite doing them right in the movie, hehe. I’m sure he’d be the first to tell ya that!

T’s a damn good bruiser in real life though. Better be careful. Hehe.

No disrespect meant by removing the Mr – part of the reason I read he kept the “Mr” on his name is his background growing up, his Dad humiliated during the era of racism with “boy” chants – hey, I get it.

Even though, as TEMB recently told me when I was discussing racism in China till this day – the ignorance which boggles the mind in the dancing monkey business (really, how folks choose to be this retarded in this day and age with all the travel they do, the info – truly, people have more access to info than before, they’re also dumber than before) – and how although “initially” it sometimes affected me, i ALWAYS made it work to my ADVANTAGE…”you ain’t black”.

True. Lol.

But, with my Indian heritage, hey.

The Colonial Brits were pretty tough I heard …

My father, never one to back down from talking about racism and so called – yes, in this day and age it’s SO CALLED!! “White privelege” made the remark once when we were discussing staying out of political discussion in China. “china will have two sets of rules. One for whites, one for the rest”.

Utter bullcrap, Dad.

…. I should add on, if you know how to get around it. Yes, we all can. Be an unifying force, not divisive!

Anyway. . .

I got two. Hehe. Just put up the video in youtube, now again – like with one arm pull-ups, i hadn’t done these in forever, didn’t even know I could do them!

Yet, I popped them off early in the morning, half asleep almost…

What’s the secret?? Both behind this, and the one arm pull-ups i did a while ago?

Strong fingers from all the banging away on the dumbphone? I think not, hehe.

I work out LESS these days – not more…

I remember Bruce back in the day – and a friend Tim, and Tim discussing how banging away on keyboards must be strengthening the fingers. Man, those days, the “regulars” as I called, and later Bruce too- the potheads in college with long ass beards … I got a smile on my face in the video, and typing this out! Hehe…

Anyhow, I don’t recommend these as your primary form of training as I said in the video. It’s my regular pronated grip pull-ups and thick grips which has given me the upper body strength and fitness I have, it will do the same for you too if you work at it, fabled vascularity included. Hehe.

You were given all your limbs for a reason. Be grateful for them. I wouldn’t quite say these one limbed or two fingered exercises, no pun intended – are just showboating as a customer once said (but he’s right, hard to do many in proper form) – but for the most part, stick to your regular workouts.

Those are the ones that will eventually make you superhuman in all regards.

Be grateful you have four limbs.

And, think about those that don’t, competing in the Paralympics and such and your lazy ass , if that’s you, if not, respect, slouching on the ass munching away getting fatter and more flatulently miserable with each munch / burp…

And that’s that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You won’t see two finger pull-ups or one arm pull-ups mentioned in either one of my world famous courses on pull-ups – “Pull-ups – from dud to STUD (like me in the shower in the dream, hehe) within a matter of WEEKS!(and in real life too ;))” and “Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” For a reason and a damn good one.

Explained above in the post.

And, yes, while i DO plan on coming out with a book on one arm pull-ups, muscle ups and such, that’s only going to be when enough of you place the pre-order for it. Talks cheap, as Karl Gotch said. But monkey buys whiskey and in my case beer, hehe. If you’re truly serious about getting me to put advanced stuff out, simply saying I want it doesn’t cut the mustard my friend. You have to back that want up with solid ACTION or it ain’t happening – simple.

PS #2 – Please do NOT watch the latest Nicholas Cage movie , something with “devil” in the title, it’s a campy disaster as usual. Hehe. Classic Cage as of late. Guys still someone I like to watch tho! Wonder if these B grade movies “straight to video” (streaming??) Are making him back at least part of all that money he wasted, if they are, they likely are, more power to him!

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