From zero to four pull-ups – in a matter of WEEKS!
- 2 to be precise

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Two weeks to do what the vast majority of people never manage to accomplish right in a lifetime at one of the toughest real man exercises out there. Hey, he must have had expert help eh.

Ok, so I’m tooting my own horn but I’m so happy to hear back from Rodrigo Santos, a reader of Pull-ups – from dud to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS!!“.

Heres a blow by blow of how it went down after I asked for a review.

ok so I will just tell the truth … I translated the book right ? So i read it …. After that …I started to train following its directions .. doing the exercises accordingly…. very good indeed 🙂

Me –

Hi Rodrigo,

Yes, all I want is the truth and the unvarnished truth – that’s it! Haha. The only thing id request you to add on to what you’ve already said – how did you feel after getting better at pull-ups, and how it helped your overall fitness/strength levels.

Other than that, that’s it – let me know my friend, and thanks again!



Which y’all know obviously, I want the truth and that’s it in everything. Good, bad, ugly, the facts, honest facts are what count.


for sure … I took some of the training suggestions I read .. In a matter of weeks I was already able to perform three or four pull ups … something that I had never done before

I guess I could have “wowed” etc ..

But, I’ve heard these sort of results so many times from readers of my book, often after reading other manuals and being trained by other so called gym trainers and getting nowhere that it’s ceased to surprise me.

I could tell you how it’s helped his strength levels immensely, but y’all already know that.

So what I’ll tell you is what matters for you –

The book is BRUTALLY honest like me.

It’s got no fluff, less than zero.

It gives you the real dirt on pull-ups most people ignore, if they even know.

It pulls zero punches in terms of telling you how it is, if you’re carring excess weight around the midsection and are easily or even not easily offended, you might want to give this book a royal skip, no pun intended!

It gives you several secrets that most people miss in a lifetime of training, which have “ostensibly” nothing to do with the actual pull-ups at all. But they do, friend, and they ain’t fancy either.

And it does what it promises better than any other beginner’s level book on pull-ups does, or even comes close to – proof in the pulling pudding there.

Power backed into a concise little manual, worth every penny and then some, but only if you’re truly interested in doing and getting better at pull-ups. Ih fact, even studs at pull-ups can focus on the basics mentioned here and make great progress for the rest of their lives.

All of that might not interest the average Joe or Jane or in between.

That’s fine.

Book ain’t aimed at them.

It’s aimed at the elite few truly interested in getting the lo down on what it takes to skyrocket – or jump start – your performance at pull-ups to an elite level most can only dream of.

And if that’s you, you’ll want to grab your copy of the book NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with pull-ups, rope skipping , pr jumping as I prefer to call it is dn excellent workout. Get your jump on here.

PS – #2 –  To get to elite ++++ level at pull-ups, the next level even more studs never get to – the secrets are revealed right here.

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