A young Napoleon hill…

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In Napoleon hills world famous book think and grow rich, he mentions the tale of his hearing impaired son, another chip off the old block – sneaking out to sell newspapers to make money at the tender age of less than 10… And then going to bed with that money tightly clutched in his little fist – when Mommy found out, so did she fret.

Hearing impaired boy back in those days, pre 1960, i just saw a little boy on YouTube with dwarfism running in a race where one of his classmates, a little girl actually slowed down for the little bugger so he could catch up, not be left behind….

… In hills book he writes about how he fought with his then wife to not let his little boy use hearing aids so that he didn’t feel disadvantaged to begin with, despite the teachers complaints.

…. In the video, the little boy didn’t want a head start though he was given it.

I’ve often spoken about the similarities between Hills life and mine ..


What do these rambles got to do with you, or here?

Well, one of the things I hate most is vendors of various nature’s, shapes and forbs showing up to pester me to buy stuff when i just want to be left alone. Ugh!

As a little boy showed up with his cycle selling local Indian snacks, man.

“Take it, big brother!”.

I said no.

He persisted, I told him off a bit sternly.

He went away.

Now, I don’t eat all that street food. Thinking about it later, the bits too young to accept online payment anyway, and Rahul Mookerjee doesn’t do cash of any nature. Period. .

But, it’s interesting.

Truly the boy is a persistence little businessman like Hill himself.

Like me.

When I donated blood for $50 my mom fretted. Id rather she’d have applauded the entrepreneurial spirit way before that!

Same thing for Hill selling newspapers growing up.

How many people bitching about money would actually do this?

No, it’s easier to bitch about living expenses, the economy, other bs that don’t really matter, never has really. .

Find a need.

Fulfil it.

If that need is a want, so much better!

If a poor kid from India – nah, not talking about a certain kid who grew up to be the bodyweight exercise Guru – hehe – can try – why not you?

Life only opens up if you DO, my friend.

No excuses.


I was reminded of the ex for a split second, how she loves this sorta stuff, in days bygone I’d have sent the kid on to her.

But that was before, this is now. I wish my daughter was here with me, utter peace, I’d even finangle cash out of online if she was!


Lots of real life lessons here and here for y’all to benefit from and learn if you so choose.

And that’s that!


PS – I knew there was a reason I was standing here at my lucky spot ..

Rahul Mookerjee

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