Try lifting THIS…

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I did a free video on lever work, mentioned as a side note almost, in Gorilla grip, way towards the end of the book. A couple of lines most people won’t even notice, but like I said yesterday about Pull-ups from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS! – it’s not the size or volume or how many words a manual has that matters.

Like myself in real life, like the way Marines pack – like Jason Bourne did with an economy of space, it’s about packing as much power into each line, each word as humanly or animaly, hehe – possible.

Last night I was thinking of monkey bars and such,along with pull-ups, something most adults couldn’t even start to do – yet complain about it being too simple, boring etc.

I’ve never heard such utter tosh.

But anyway, watching the chip off the old block lift heavy objects – even my clubs – the triangular shaped road markers etc , I was reminded of a supreme test of upper body strength and in a way, lever work – which I did some free and immensely popular/useful videos on YouTube – I did in China after my hill climb.

Or i tried.

Outside Beijing bar near my house, they had these massive, mammoth boulders in front of the establishment to stop people from parking. . .

Square massive blocks of cement.

With a massive thick metal pole sticking out of the center of each.

I remember not even being able to budge it, guards looking on at the crazy lao wai, hehe

That sort of thing, man, that’s REAL lifting.

Real strength.

These days, i could probably do it, but not easy I’ll tell ya that!

Do that 10 times in a row, you won’t need any core, grip, or other work. That’s all in one work for you and quick!

And it builds ungodly strength, trust me on this.

I’ll have more on this later, but THAT is the sort of strength the much delayed course Lumberjack lodestone fitness will build for YOU, my friend.

The info in this course is so valuable im considering limiting it to only those of you, quite a few I must say – kudos!- that has faith, took action, stepped up to the plate and placed a pre order.

That’s who i cater to – doers, not wankers or maybes or do nothing’s.

Thats what 0 Excuses Fitness is all about …


First, foremost, always.

And that’s that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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