Women, so called emotion and more…

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It’s been another emotional day for me, my friends. Woke up, called a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. Talked. Did the videos, workouts you saw etc.

Then, poof, as if by magic, i found a movie I’d been meaning to re-watch a while.

Did so. And man, memories,.memories, memories, most of 2015.

A woman who I met without even thinking about it when I had nothing. She fell madly in love with me.

I did – more so shortly thereafter.

It was sheer magic, each moment spent together. When it ended, it ended as brutally, emotionally.

Till this date the good memories persist. The emotions do too!

They’re what make us. Way too many of us ignore them.

The world might look strange and askance at Rahul standing out there, singing, crying, emotions bared…

But that’s fine.

As I told Ricky, I’m still that same bare it all emotional teen he met at USM!

That movie, and a couple of other Emraan hashmi movies – could have been me in them.

She offered to pay my rent when i had nothing so we could take that trip.

She’d pay for everything without a second thought, and I’d always wonder, wish I could at the time…

She was the one who in that first long drive in China said “I don’t know if we can be together forever, but these good memories will last forever”.

I didn’t even understand what she was saying, so madly in love was i.

How right you were Carol.

How right!

It ended because of future money issues she foresaw. She didn’t know what was coming, course ..

It’s often said men are unemotional. Women are the nurturers, caring ones.


It’s all about flashing $ signs for females, as Marc the African Silver back Gorilla once remarked.

So true, so sage Marc. The remorslesselly logical one…so it should be!

I was supposed to work, do a lot today, but when i get emotional my friends, nothing happens.

Lots of you know the tale of my ex, the lunacy of feeding stray cats bread and such – rationale behind this being “the daughter likes them”.

Cats aren’t loyal. Dogs are. The ex till this date doesn’t get it.

True to form, they all left after growing up.

….. Except this one cat.

It sits outside,pitifully meowing because it’s gotten attached to my ex.

For the ex, she could care less.

It’s too big to play with now. Fascination over!

Kinda like the puppy who the kids played with, then gets abandoned as a dog because he’s too big to take care of.

Years ago, when I was young, my cousin and I fed the dogs at a hotel we went to that instantly took a shine to me.

I thought it was because of the tasty goodies.

My uncle rightly said no, it’s the love you give them.


What’s love, Carol once asked me. I was nigh amazed she Even asked!

How dumb I was. Truly, love makes the male blind… Irrational!


That’s the love women have.

For women, it’s all about money.

I’m aware these random rambles might not make sense?

Maybe they do.

Maybe I’ll expound on each point above sometime.

Maybe I’ll write books on each!

For now, fitness wise, know that bear crawls which a lot of you loved get you in super shape and fast without any fuss.

And Animal Kingdom Workouts teaches you ALL you need to know about these animal like movements requiring nil investment, just you and an open mind.

And that’s there, my friend.

Memories, my friend.

Never forget.

It’s what makes us what we are, human!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – never get so wrapped up in reality which is but an illusion if you think about it that you forget EMOTION..

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