How do prisoners stay in such awesome shape?
- An oft asked question.

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Today we will talk about something everyone knows, but won’t acknowledge. Hehe.

Prisoners in jail – or prison, sorry, Aaron – i remember him explaining the difference and why jail was way worse than prison – are in awesome shape for the most part.

Not folks you want to mess with.

Could be Charles Bronson, could be your average inmate in the prison doing pushups and what not – lean, ferocious, beast – ANIMAL like insane strength and conditioning.

And often times, the only room they have to workout?

A cell. A few square feet. Maybe the weekly one hour outdoors, but that’s it.

No weights a lot of times, certainly no fancy diets, this much protein, no smoking, other crap. Hell, a lot of them do pull-ups on the stairwell ..

It’s brutal survival – and they do it – and with all the other bs going on in prisons, in that environment – they stay in super shape.


Well, this morning I was going to, or thinking about going to the park again to do pull-ups and duck waddles in the park. In the sun hun.

Something stopped me.

And then bang, i did frog jumps (which take duck waddles to the next level) (both great exercises that have been used by Olympians, sportspersons – martial artists – we did them in Taekwondo – wrestlers – and more) and duck waddles right there in my congested room.

Hardly a prison cell, but same cramped room.

And believe me, you don’t need more than a few square feet to get a great one in.

With animal like movements my friend, especially bear crawls and such you’ll be huffing and puffing in less than 30 secs, if you can even go that long.

You’ll be sore the next day.

Do the workouts “mixed workout” style and man. You’ll burn fat off quicker than anything else you’ve ever done.

Same thing goes for 0 Excuses Fitness – and as for animal movements to get you in super shape – Animal kingdom workouts.

Now, back to prisoners.

It’s simple. Like Napoleon Hill writes in think and grow rich, a lot of successful people were so closely driven by fate they had no choice but to become successful or perish.


Like the battle he writes about where a vastly outnumbered army were ordered by their General to burn their ships upon reaching shore.

Win or perish. Simple.

They succeeded.

They won.

Same thing in prisons. You get in shape become a real man – or, as my friend Rueben said “someone’s bitch”.

Take your pick. Some choose the latter. Real men the former. Simple.

I’ve never of course quite understood how a lot of these real men substitute men for women – you get the drift .

Holes are holes?

I don’t quite view it that way. Hehe. Regardless of female availablity or not, anyway, not everyone thinks like I do, especially in terms of “how often to do it, if at all” so we won’t go there!

I do know a lot of guys make the switcheroo when they’re desperate – lol.


Back to fitness.

It’s 0 Excuses for these guys . Simple.

The same philosophy we follow around here ..

Lots say “because they don’t have to work etc”.

True, but your average fat ass on welfare or what not getting out of Bentleys to collect that check or waiting for the bling on the iPhone for direct deposit doesn’t exactly work either….

Goes both ways.

It ain’t about circumstances.

It’s about zero excuses.

Last, more importantly. Or most. What do they do?

Tons of pushups. Pull-ups. Squats. Lunges. Dips.

And that’s how they do it.

Nothing, my friend, beats bodyweight exercises done right.

Proofs staring you in the face…

And that’s that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – not to mention mental toughness that sorta thing in that sorta environment builds.

For years, I’ve ranted, rightly so – about the hard yards.

For a guy who sweated it out in the middle of the afternoon in searing heat and humidity so hot you’d feel like you’re breathing fire one minute, next minute you’re soaked with rain, jungle style, next – you’re steaming that rain off your shirt – doing tough hikes for hours daily that way, pull-ups etc – well, as Kelly told me “THIS is real hill climbing”!

While the rest of the pansies around me & they were supposed to be used to this literally dropped due to heat stroke, other bs, the medics would fly in…. True take, ask anyone at Qi Feng about the crazy lao wai with long hair climbing no matter what!

Literally showering sweat like Henrich Klassen the other day at the Wankhede in the World Cup. Hehe.

Same thing applies to prisoners, that mental toughness coupled with the brutal environment, training conditions etc is what really gets the job done. .

Not sitting on your fanny preening at at the lat pulldown.

Not posing in idiotic poses to show your bicep peaks off or what not (one of the most useless peaks ever) ..not oiling, glaring, grunting, ogling the babes, not trying to position the camera right and pull your shorts up so the bulging belly and fat doesn’t show (it shows regardless – trust me).

Not whining about no food, expenses, not getting the right nutrients, the fight with the wife or other crap.

Just do it.


And that’s how.

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