So, did I “die by the age of 30”?

My beer drinking habits in college and throughout my life – actually all my habits in general, hehe – have caused a lot of strife between me and my so called family.

I stil remember Dad morosely once talking about “you’ll die by the age of 30 if you keep this up”( the drinking beer apparently).


Same thing for the cigarettes, admittedly I was a very heavy smoker back in the day which as I said I finally quit cold turkey at the age of 24, now it’s occasional smoking off and on which Dad claims doesn’t exist – oh yes, Dad, it does. It does. All about not letting your body control your mind. It is as should be, always is,the other way around.

Of course talking any sort of sense to a guy who proudly rants to this day about how his friends laughed at him when he told them he quit smoking because his wife told him to and no other reason… Ugh. These cucked sorts, I can’t stand them.


Chatting with my friend Ricky last night who along with his three stores owns an ice cream parlor too, I asked him in jest which ice crea flavor he was going to try today.

“Vanilla? Chocolate? Or strawberry?” I grinned. Or course, I wasn’t just referring to ice cream if you get my drift!

But, his response saddened me

“I’m diabetic, man! I have to take special care these days”… He trailed off.

Reminded me of all the other stuff i wrote above and am going to write about now…

I exhorted him to drop the pills, drop the “not eating these things” nonsense.

And told him proper exercise and regular fasting is all he needs not just to lose weight, but cure all hus medical problems.



My parents who have always ranted about my so called terrible habits, health – they live by the medicine cabinet.

Mom had breast cancer. Dad has hypertension, indigestion and more.

My maternal grandmother had Diabetes to the point she was bedridden and had to take injections daily (I was telling Ricky about that). It wasn’t easy to watch.

“Man, you need to lose weight!”

He’s been saying he will exercise for years. I doubt he ever will, which is very sad. He’s a good friend, and….you know! You don’t want a friend to suffer that way. I’ve seen it It’s horrible.

Back to recollections

Her husband, my grandfather I have so many fond memories of going swimming at 430 AM in a wild lake full of water snakes in Kolkata (Calcutta back then) (those were scary!!) (I still remember him laughing at me because of my fear of going underwater at the time, then shampooing with soap instead of shampoo – an old timer habit.. which I use myself when I run out of “beer shampoo”, hehe)…was one of the, if not the best docs in Calcutta with his own practice, 5 storey mansion and such.

No other cousin would wake up at that crazy hour. Hehe. One sometimes did, but only very occasionally. I still remember honking outside their old house – Aunt looking out, “he’s not coming!”

Despite his very healthy habits he died from an incurable fungal infection from what I understand. I wanted to go, be there with him when he passed. Noone let me. Maybe it was best.

When it’s your time to go, you go. Simple. The best doc in Kolkata couldn’t do much to help his own wife…

My maternal Uncle i write about so much that still visits me in my dreams – admittedly happy till the end, passed from lung cancer.

All of these people, Uncle and Grandpaw aside would rant at me about doctors, the need to “jog” etc, yet, when i told them about my routines, they would pooh pooh it as being, somehow “too simple yet too tough”.

And, here I am at 42, rip roaring ready to go while nigh everyone around me is toppling like ninepins damn near.

It’s sad.

People choose to live by doctors, medicine cabinets etc because it’s the easy way out.

People make excuses about not doing the thing, not being able to quit addiction etc because it’s easy.

Mental weakness is the main problem plaguing society my friend. Take care of that, everything else falls into place.

Funny, the very person they condem till this day has results on his lonesome that they could never collectively reach… Because they chose not to.

And it’s sad, it really is.


You’ve got one fucking life.

Ok, unless you believe in the afterlife.

But still. That’s not a reason to make your stay on planet Earth as awesome as you possibly can!

It’s a brief one.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Life can be fleeting. It often is.

Make the most of it.

Yes, diet is important, yes, you need medical care sometimes. Don’t get me wrong.

But our bodies do a great job of taking care of themselves if we do two things.

One, exercise right.

Two, fast right (or do other things that aid the regeneration and recuperation process).

My numerous injuries in the past,supposedly “they won’t heal without medical care” – never once went to a doc for them.

My own genetic liver issues (Ribuflavin or whatever that enzyme is). All the fucking diet, staying off beer and such didn’t cure it – ditto for water retention, snarky doctors not even wanting to look at the horribly swollen foot that hurt to the touch, constant other injuries and such.

The hill did.

Simple as that, my friend.

And I took it to the next level,literally, by doing what I’m going to share in my upcoming books on fasting done right.

Yes, I experiment on my own body for years before bringing all this to you.

So it should be.

Some will take this advice, some wont.

Either way, if you choose the former, be sure to pick up and importantly, GET ON – the 0 Excuses Fitness system today.

Truly the best out there by a country mile.

And that’s that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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